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Boss:Gary Mitnick
  • Get in your car
  • Launch the Trackify app on your phone
  • Follow the signal
  • Arrive at the signal's source
  • Drive the investor to Lester's sweatshop
  • Leave the area
Unlocked after:Capitalist...

Greed is the 7th mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko returns to his apartment to recover from last night's bar fight spectacle, and from Lester's job that took place mere minutes ago. The hangover started to kick in immediately after entering.

"Aggh, I feel like fucking throwing up...", says Niko. After vomiting in the bathroom, Niko changes out of his old clothes and attempts to cure his hangover. However, he stumbles in the kitchen getting water and passes out again on the floor.

Several hours pass, and Niko is abruptly woken. After trying to figure out what is occurring, Niko notices Roman in the entryway. "What're you doing here, cousin?" Niko says, slurring his words. "I just wanted to see what a miserable joke you've become. Ha! Just kidding. The Bellic Brothers at it again, but not for Liberty....this time, Vinewood!"

"Vinewood? What?" Niko replies.

"Ha, see, I have a few uh, connections laying around Niko, leftover from our time living in the Carraways. It's a famous getaway for the rich Vinewood stars who hate crap nowadays. But see Niko, you never realized WHY I wanted to move to this god awful state," says Roman, patting himself on the back.

"So what is it?" Niko replies, somewhat lost.

"Well what do you think, Cousin? To get away from LC, and to go professional! We could become stars overnight with my connections. "The Yellow Car". Could you imagine? We'd be rich overnight! And get the "opportunities" you seem to hate since you left the old country."

Niko takes a few seconds to reply, and exclaims, "Are you fucking kidding me, Roman? Do you understand what the hell is going on? We're being fucking blackmailed, this guy, Lester or whatever the fuck his stupid name is. We didn't come to the city to become fucking movie stars! Ever since you left the old country, you've become a fucking mindless fat fuck."

Roman is taken aback, and replies, "Shit, man, I didn't know man, fuck, fuck, fuck! Blackmailed? This is a serious outrage. Who is it? Let's take them down...TOGETHER!"

"Fucking hell, Roman, you just don't get it..."

Niko gets up from the kitchen floor and walks angrily to the other side of the room.

"Look, man, whatever's going on, we can take on! Back in LC, you ran into some crazies that wanted you killed, but look! We took care of them. I'm sure this guy's just talk, he doesn't even have connections like I do, haha! Wait.... does he?"

"I don't. Know. That's what I'm telling you, cousin. This guy seems funny, but he has my fucking files just waiting to be sent over to the FIB, or IAA, or fuck, the entire government. We'll be on the run for years if this happens, Roman, which is why I need you to be fucking serious, for just a minute."

Roman is silent, staring at Niko. After realizing what Niko has said, Roman replies, "Okay cousin, if you wish. But you can't let your past demons get to you like this. Whoever this Lester is, we'll deal with it. Just play along for now, play him, don't let him play you. Maybe I can use a few of my connections to get us out of this mess..."

"Connections? The only connections you have are fucking Vinewood producers. No one's going to help us, it's on me to clear this shit up. You still do-"

"I DO get it, Niko! Which is why I came all the way down here. It took me 4 hours to get from Paleto to LS. 4 HOURS! If I didn't want to help you, I would've stayed. But guess what? I'm your cousin, so I'm going to help you, no matter what you try to say. I know a few guys, some uh, big shots that I met during my time in LC, before you came along of course."

"So who is it?" Niko replies.

"Well, there's a few on my contact list, some aren't all Vinewood producers, you know. Let me see, uh....Richard Dawkins, that was Bernie, eh, Florian's husband...Dwayne Forge, he stayed in LC, don't know what happened to him....let me look, huh......Packie? Nah, he's not Vinewood...ehhhhh oh! Yes, cousin, this is the guy. His name's Benny, but don't let the name fool you. He's really professional, I'm sure he can help you pay off this debt to "Lester"."

Niko cuts in, "Benny? Are you fucking kidding me? What the hell kinda name is Benny? Whatever, just get him on the line, do whatever you can. What does he do anyway?"

"Well, you see, he owns an auto repair business out of Strawberry. He says he himself has connections, so think of it like a connection for a connection. The soviet connection, or in this case, the San Andreas Connection."

"San Andreas Connection? You've got to be kidding, Roman..." Niko laughs.

"Yes, yes, but if you need this done, we'll talk to this Benny guy. I'll send his contact to you, he's a cool guy. Used to operate in LC but moved to LS in 2008."

Niko and Roman talk for another hour, and Roman leaves the apartment. Niko changes clothes again, and receives a phone call from Gary.

"Hey, you probably remember me...Gary, from Lester? Yeah, that's me. Look, uh, I need a favor from you. Favor for a favor, whatdya say? I know you like working for favors."

"Sure, I guess...what's up?"

"Look...Lester's really happy about that job you did for him. Taking the power out of Wiwang, that was genius, pure genius. But see, now I've got a bit of a problem. Our work overlaps frequently, so it's hard to balance out what HE wants, versus what I want. He wants to watch some news broadcast on CNT about stocks while I wanna watch some documentaries on MeTV, but hey, shit happens."

Niko rubs his chin, and replies, " what do you need exactly?"

"Okay, so, one of Lester's contacts have gone dark. But the thing is, he happens to be a good friend of mine. I don't know what he works for exactly, but he's a pretty big investor. His last known location was at Legion Square, but I managed to track his cell signal. You probably know the app, Trackify? The one used by shady babysitters to find their next victim?"

"Yes, I used to have it on my phone back in the LC days... uh, I'll help out. As long as you don't blackmail me to the UFO society or whatever it's called."

Gary cuts in slightly, "Excellent, good, good. I'm sending the app to your phone now. Try to find this guy, Lester really needs him for some reason. And I need him, since he's a contact of a contact."

The call ends, and Niko exits the apartment. Starting the Esperanto, Niko launches the Trackify app and heads to Legion Square.

Arriving at the Square, the signal starts to activate on the app. Niko follows the signal around for several seconds, however the signal starts to go haywire shortly afterwards. "This is pretty funny, it's going all over the place." says Niko.

Niko continues to follow the signal, and it eventually stops. "This must be it, it looks like,"

Niko exits his car off the corner of one of the federal buildings, and walks slowly to the signal. The signal's strength grows stronger and stronger. "Where is this guy?"

Niko receives a tap on his back, and Niko quickly turns. "I think I'm the guy you're looking for, Mr. Bellic."

"Holy shit, you fucking scared me, investor guy" says Niko, abruptly.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to kill you, or sell you off. No, no, it's just a private matter. Me and Lester, see, we're good friends, same with Mr. Mitnick. But that's besides the point. Could you take me to Lester's factory?"

Niko sighs, and replies, "Alright, fuck, alright. Let's go, but no funny business."

Niko and the investor enter the Esperanto, and Niko makes his way for Lester's sweatshop.

"This traffic never ends, does it?" says the investor.

"Nope, doesn't seem to, since everyone seems to be majorly retarded." replies Niko.

"Ah well, can't blame them...gas prices just slightly dropped, so I think everyone's trying to get everything done, now, while it's still low."

"Yup," says Niko.

Niko continues driving towards the factory. "So, what do you and Lester do, exactly? Run private sleepovers while watching that weird cartoon show?"

The investor replies, snarkly, "No, haha, no, Mr. Bellic. No. We talk business, see. I help him with his portfolio, he helps me take out a few, shall we say, individuals I need silenced, which you've helped out with by the way. Greed's a powerful tool."

Niko arrives at the factory.

"Okay, this is the place. Thank you Mr. Bellic, we'll be in touch....soon."

Niko sighs, and thinks to himself, "Who is this weird guy?" and drives off for his Hawick apartment.