Boss:Lester Crest
  • Go to the airport
  • Drop a grenade
  • Jump out
Unlocked after:Boolean Integer
"Shit! He fucking shot him!"
―Flight attendant

Airborne is the 5th mission in San Andreas Connection.


The following day, Niko decides to take a trip around the city, to become more familiar with his new surroundings. Having only seen the city from a criminalistic standpoint, Los Santos still feels very much alien and new to Niko.

After taking a bike trip in Mirror Park, Niko receives a phone call from Lester. Setting his helmet down and taking his phone out of his pocket, Niko answers the call.

"What's up?" says Niko.

"I've got a job opportunity for you. Remember how the iFruit CEO, Greg Leonard was killed recently? Well, his replacement's about to leave Los Santos to fly to iFruit's headquarters in San Fierro. I need you to board the plane, wait until the plane is at a high enough altitude, plant a live grenade, and jump out."

"Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, you want ME, to launch a live fucking grenade in a fucking private jet, to kill a fucking CEO?" Niko replies, angrily.

Niko talking to Lester on the phone

"Yes, yes, yes, you really need to. Remember what I said? You're a fax away from a life sentence, Niko. You're lucky I didn't do this sooner, otherwise we'd be at ease. Do this for me, and I'll ensure you receive a large sum of money in your bank account."

"Fuck. Fuck! Alright, I'll do it." Niko hangs up, abandons the bike, and runs to his Esperanto to gear up.

Shortly afterwards, Niko drives off at a great speed to Los Santos International Airport to assassinate the target. Traffic prevented him from arriving quicker, and a major accident on the Del Perro freeway made things more difficult. However, Niko made it through in time.

"I hate this fucking traffic, American drivers are blind." says Niko, honking loudly.


Niko angrily honking

After finally arriving at LSIA, Niko exits his vehicle and purchases a ticket for Adios Airlines, attempting to reach the same plane the iFruit CEO is on. After a lengthy wait in the terminal, and taking a restroom break, Niko manages to board the plane, and notices the CEO - well dressed, surrounded by bodyguards.

"We have liftoff. Delta-charlie-bogey-echo, you are clear. Keep whiskey-tango on top priority, over." says the airline operator.

"You got it sir, over." says a bodyguard next to the CEO.

Niko takes a seat near the emergency hatch, and waits. The plane reaches a high enough altitude, commencing the airline operator to announce over intercom "We have reached maximum altitude. Minor turbulence is expected. We hope you enjoy the flight."


Niko takes this opportunity, and quietly takes a fragmentation grenade out of his pocket. Stealthily, Niko pulls the pin, takes his pistol out, and quickly dispatches the two bodyguards. After emptying his magazine, Niko opens the hatch and jumps. Seconds after escaping, the plane explodes in a violent ball of fire, and begins to crash land into Vespucci Beach.


Niko pulls the pin on his parachute, and begins his descent to safety. After landing, Niko calls Lester, telling him the job is done.

"Hey, uh, I did that job for you. The cat's in the cradle, or whatever shit you want me to say."

"Oh, I know," replies Lester. "Good work, Slav. Expect a deposit into your account shortly." Lester hangs up.