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Aki Tanaka
Appearance(s):San Andreas Connection
Also known as:
  • AT
Date of Birth:October 6th, 1996
Place of birth:Los Santos, San Andreas
Main affiliation:
Lifeinvader:Aki Tanaka
Character Photo:
Char aki

Aki Tanaka is a photojournalist in San Andreas Connection.

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Aki Tanaka was born in October 6th, 1996 in Los Santos to two Japanese immigrants. As a child, she spent most of her time eavesdropping when her parents were discussing private matters like finances. As she got older, she began to keep a record of anything she believed to be important. This seemingly strange hobby eventually blossomed into her passion: photojournalism.

In 2014, Aki enrolled in photography and journalism classes respectively at ULSA. She outperformed all of her peers and became of great interest to her mentors. Her photography instructor offered to land her a job for a stock photo company while her journalism professor offered to get her a job at Daily Globe, however none of these potential ventures interested her.

She has her sights set on fame for exposing an ugly truth within society. When the crime right began to spike in Los Santos in 2018, she saw her grand opportunity.


Aki is a very open person, ready to tell her story to anyone that is willing to listen, however she is extremely secretive about her profession. If someone asks for her sources, she is unlikely to give them up in hopes of keeping any possible benefits to herself. With a healthy dose of paranoia, she is also incredibly sleuthy, often getting herself into tight situations because she’s gotten too far into a situation without anyone else noticing.

She is a people person, as indicated by her outgoing nature, which works hand-in-hand with her aspirations of being a renowned photojournalist.

Aki is against corruption. She has a distinct hatred for powerful Governments and owners of large corporations. Despite her distaste for corruption, she believes that there can be good criminals in the world, implying that not everyone who is breaking the law does it because they want to; but rather that they have to - hence why she befriends Niko Bellic.

Friend Activity Information

Aki is very particular in what activities she enjoys doing. She prefers indoors activities.


  •  Eating
  •  Drinking
  •  Darts
  •  Shows
  •  Video Games


  •  Strip Club
  •  Golf
  •  Hiking
  •  Strip Club

Affinity Bonus

If Niko reaches 80% affinity with Aki, he can call Aki to receive 10 free shots for his camera as long as Aki isn't nearby.

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