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Expanded Universe
Angels Of Death (Expansion)
Release date-TBA-
ProtagonistsAxel Loch

Goshute Desert

Angels Of Death is an expansion for San Andreas Connection that takes place after the events of SAC.

The plot centers around Axel Loch, a long-time member of the Angels Of Death Motorcycle Club who has returned to the US after serving in the military. In his absence, the Angels Of Death have lost their power in the Goshute Desert to The Lost MC. Pissed off with the changes that have happened over the years, Axel works with the higher ups in the MC to take back Goshute by any means necessary.


Angels Of Death takes place a few days after the events of San Andreas Connection. The story begins on July 6, 2018. Axel Loch returns to the Goshute Desert and discovers that the Angels Of Death no longer have complete control in the region. Angry and with no other options left, Axel pushes the MC to take on The Lost head on.

Angels Of Death's gameplay focuses on a desert close to Las Venturas. Taking place after San Andreas Connection, some assets in the game world are clearly impacted by the previous story.

The map is immediately accessible, although the story begins at a small AoD camp. Focusing on open-ended gameplay, various events and activities can be participated in all around the playable map.

While the story maintains consistency revolving around linear storytelling, the player is not forced to participate in any events that may occur. This promotes the player to observe the objective. Axel may choose to take an alternate route to the destination, improvise the situation, or contact an associate to complete the current goal. This emphasizes player choice and replayability within the world.

It is also possible, although rare, to come across characters that exist in regular gameplay. The player can choose to interact with them or ignore them altogether.


  1. Axel Loch - Secretary. Long-time member of the Angels of Death. US Army veteran. Patriotic and seemingly unstoppable.
  2. Steven Mantle - President of the Goshute chapter of the Angels Of Death. Lost his ways, mellowed with age.
  3. Daryl Tipton - Vice President. Unstable. Always seems to be absent when bad situation happen to the AoD.
  4. Henry Robinson - Road Captain. Works on everyone's motorcycle. Loves bike racing.
  5. Bill Adailson - Sergaent-At-Arms. Relative to an associate of Rick Chance. Avid gun-nut and drug abuser.
  6. Matthew Cook - Enforcer. Loves the MC more than his own family. Frequently in and out of prison.
  7. Deadeye - President of the Goshute Chapter of the Lost MC.


Main Story

  1. Welcome Home - Axel returns to Goshute.
  2. Get It Together - Convince the brothers that they have what it takes to reclaim the territory.
  3. Deadbeats? - Clear out a Lost MC stronghold and claim it for the AoD.