"Suspect is armed and dangerous."
― - Police Scanner

Blitz Play is a major event that takes place after The First Raid in the web series The Libertonian.


Blitz Play is an event arranged by Lester Crest during the Trio's escape from San Andreas after The First Raid. Following The Protagonist's disappearance, The Protagonist contacts Lester after the raid and what Lester's plans are.

Lester notifies The Protagonist that a job is on the table, and that, in order to successfully escape, The Protagonist will need to perform a classic blitz play in order to ensure the Trio can leave San Andreas, and in return, for Lester to offer The Protagonist's services across the globe.

Following Lester's response, The Protagonist travels to Sandy Shores to get ready for Blitz Play. After acquiring gear at Ammu-Nation, The Protagonist heads for Sandy Shores Airfield to practice aim and reflexes.

After a lengthy training session, The Protagonist flies reluctantly back into Los Santos and arrives at Lester's sweatshop in East LS, and gathers the rest of the Trio for the job.

Geared up in boiler suits and hockey masks, the Trio arrive at a parking garage in Little Seoul, and begin to gain the attention of police. As more police arrive, more are killed, and more destruction is caused.

After more waves of police arrive, the Trio start making their escape from the parking garage. After a brief struggle, they manage to continue pushing forward against more cops, narrowly escaping death along the way.

The Trio quickly hide in Richards Majestic, but are soon discovered again by more incoming police.

After several hours, the blitz play continues into daytime, proving sufficient enough for Lester's distraction of the LSPD. The Trio fight through more waves of cops and leave in a strategically placed Buzzard nearby, and flee to Lester's sweatshop.

The Protagonist arrives at Lester's house, and leaves shortly thereafter. Lester in turn makes arrangements that the Trio is able to leave San Andreas, and The Protagonist is recommended to high-profile criminal leaders as well nationwide, and internationally.

Following this, The Protagonist arrives back at Sandy Shores Airfield, and flies out of San Andreas, heading East for Liberty City.