Boss: Lester Crest
  1. Go to the pickup location.
  2. Get in the van.
  3. Bring the van to the garment factory.
  4. Leave the area.
Unlocked after:Branded...

Caffeinated is the nineteenth mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Lester.

"Hey, Niko, uh, we need you for something. Something not crime oriented."

"What do you need me for? Dry cleaning?"

"No, no no actually, no, uh - we need you to pick up the coffee equipment for the garment factory."

"Why can't Alex just bring it himself?"

"Because it's specialized hardware. He thinks it's "too high profile" for himself to go, so he's having a third party pick it up - which is you."

" what do I do?"

"Head to the pickup location in East LS. It's in a van which contains everything. Then bring it to the factory, and we'll take care of the rest."


Niko and Lester end the call.

"Why do they need me to do it? This sounds fishy..."

Niko heads to the pickup location, and receives a text from Lester.

"Van. Alleyway. Just get in and bring it to the factory. -L"

Niko gets in the van and looks behind his seat to confirm the van's contents. "It all seems pretty normal... I still don't understand why they need me to get this shit for them." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko arrives at the garment factory and is greeted by Gary. Niko takes note of the shirt Gary is wearing and makes a comment.

""Need More Coffee"? Really Gary?"

"Need More Coffee," says Gary.

"Looks like we're both in a crisis here." says Niko, crossing his arms.

"Really Slav, you have no idea how much you just helped the operation by doing this little job. Our coffee maker fucking sucks, the buttons kept peeling off and everything. We needed a proper setup, and this Alex guy, I'm starting to like him a bit."

"I'd be careful...but you're welcome, I guess."

Niko leaves the area.