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Also known as:
  • CLV
Date of Creation:September 16th, 2007
Place of origin:Los Santos
Main affiliation:
CollEktiv is a hacktivist group in San Andreas Connection. Their rivals are hacktivist group, eHero.


CollEktiv were formed in the wake of the 2007 recession, just like eHero Underground had done. eHero would form in Los Santos, whereas CollEktiv originated in the tri-state area, mostly centered on Liberty City.


With the rise of popular EyeFind site and messaging board NeChan20, a massive online civil war occurred, known by those who were present as the "Incident". Threads were created in the site's discussion board regarding the recession and how NeChan could, and should, act. Most users participated in "shitposting", however some were determined to make those responsible pay; albeit utilizing different methods and with different motives.

Two groups of the site's users were ultimately divided and a final line was drawn in the sand. The survivors of the Incident reported that one group, unnamed at the time, went into hiding shortly after the massive amount of threads were posted, and NeChan's userbase plummeted following this. Another group, CollEktiv, decided to stick around for a little longer, until they eventually created their own in-house forum that members would use on the dark web. NeChan was no longer considered profitable and was sold to an unknown party closely affiliated with Greg Leonard. Several similar messaging board sites would come in the wake of NeChan's closing and downfall, but none were as successful.

iFruit Database Leak

Following NeChan's sale to an iFruit endorsed associate, CollEktiv retaliated. During a period of downtime on iFruit's site, CollEktiv broke into Fruit Computers' services and started mining millions of users' information. Because Fruit had not hashed their data, everyone's information was stored in plaintext, including credit card entries. It was considered a massive failure in internet security in 2008.

Rivalry with eHero Underground

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Events of San Andreas Connection

CollEktiv have a prominent outfit in San Andreas and the greater Los Santos area. They opened a branch in the state just after eHero Underground itself started. Occasionally, gang wars break out between the two groups - often due to fax machine "pwns", such as one incident where the eHero Bunker was spammed by several hundred thousand scans of Gary's face digitally altered, in the form of a meme.