Dale Miyagi is the creator of NeChan20, and whistleblower of Zaibatsu Corporation.


Dale Miyagi was an experienced website programmer and was fluent in a wide range of languages for both web development and software development, both skills he would later utilize during his time in Zaibatsu.

Joining Zaibatsu

Miyagi was approached by the leader of the corporation, Raavi, who hired him to work on various infrastructural projects. Miyagi's salary with Zaibatsu was $300,000 a year, which he would save for a future project. Overall, Miyagi's experience was mostly positive, and considered Raavi a trusted associate and patron.

Creation of "The Forum"

Raavi expressed Zaibatsu's need of a "private, well-secured forum, comprised of all members" to Miyagi during a Board of Employees meeting in 1998. Raavi wanted Miyagi to create a forum that only members could use to contact fellow colleagues, receive assignments, share information, etc. Miyagi said it was "possible" but would cost Zaibatsu a large sum of money. Raavi agreed to finance the project as well as increase Miyagi's salary to $500,000 a year. Miyagi immediately started working on the project and, withholding the source code from Zaibatsu's prominent software development team, finished "The Forum" in less than two years.

Tensions inside Zaibatsu

Miyagi's colleagues were starting to become enraged in Raavi's handling of public accusations against the Corporation, as well as alleged favoritism among employees. Raavi denied these claims, but Unions began to form within other, smaller branches. Miyagi remained neutral and silent for most of this time - as he was almost on his way out.

Collection of Incriminating Data


Leaving Zaibatsu, Blowing The Whistle & Launch of NeChan20

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blows the whistle (add context, media contacts, etc)

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The Incident

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