Done Deal

Boss: Alex Vogil
  1. Protect the Ruby
  2. Grab the duffel bag
  3. Clear out the IAA agents
  4. Get in the Akula
Unlocked after:Kill.collektiv=true

Opening Eyes

Done Deal is the twenty third mission in San Andreas Connection.


"Mr. Bellic, please meet me at the Galileo Observatory as soon as possible. I have a business deal coming up and I need your help."
―Alex Vogil
Niko walks up to Alex, who is smoking a cigar near a ledge overlooking the city.

"Mr. Vogil." Niko says as he walks over next to Alex.

"Mr. Bellic." Alex takes a puff of his cigar. "I'll be honest, I really do admire your work. I've met a lot of interesting people in my time, many cold blooded killers and politicians - but you..."

"... Have lack of empathy?" Niko asks.

"No, not that. You... You know how to get things done efficiently. No questions asked. You can take care of loose ends, aid on business ventures, and most importantly, you can take scores."

"Listen, I'm not here for you to stroke my ego. I'm trying to scratch Lester's back so I can get out of this game. I. Want. Out."

"I'm aware..." Alex sighs. "But helping me helps Lester, so I'm afraid you don't have much choice in the matter. There's money on the line and I need your help, so isn't that enough?"

"Okay, then tell me, what do you need?" Niko asks. Alex tosses his cigar off the ledge.

"A handful of rogue Gruppe Sechs employees are looking to sell a rare ruby. It's worth about two million, but I can sell it for more to one of my many associates."

"And you need me to watch over the deal, because it's sure to go sour."

"See?" Alex smirks. A helicopter can be heard nearby. "I was right. You know what you have to do. Come with me."

They walk around the Observatory to a red and black Akula. Several Spark soldiers exit the helicopter.

"Who are those guys?" Niko asks as he nervously approaches the helicopter.

"My personal army. Spark Soldiers. Armed with state-of-the-art technology and a passion for their job. You're going with them, overlooking the job. If anything goes wrong, you know what to do." Alex replies. The soldiers open the back door on the Akula, letting Niko in. Niko climbs inside and the screen fades to black.

At the deal

The Akula hovers over the the ruby exchange behind Del Perro Heights. Niko gets a heavy sniper rifle and watches over the deal. Spark Soldiers are seen talking to what seems to be Armenian gangsters.

"Where are the Gruppe Sechs guys?" A soldier carrying a duffel bag asks.

"They hired us to do the deal for them. Did you bring the money?" One of the gangsters asks, inspecting his Assault SMG.

"One and a half million. No history, no need to launder. Mr. Vogil is sure you'll be happy with the bills. Do you have the ruby?" The soldier replies, lifting the duffel bag up.

"Yeah, it's in the car, let me just grab it-" Suddenly, IAA agents surround the deal and gunfire ensues.

"Monty Eighty Six! The deal has gone out of order! Protect us as we collect the target!" Says one of the soldiers through the communications relay. Niko takes down several guards, but eventually too many guards surround the deal and the helicopter begins to stall due to damage.

"We have to land, we're not gonna survive a crash!" Niko says, pointing at a flat area to land. The helicopter lands quickly. Niko and the Spark Soldiers exit the helicopter and clear out the IAA agents. Niko picks up the ruby and tucks it in his pocket. More agents show up.

"Freeze! Put your hands in the air!" One of the agents yells, pointing his submachine gun at Niko. Niko puts his hands in the air and prepares to get on both knees. Several Spark Soldiers fly in via helicopter and take out the IAA agents.

"Fuck! What have I got myself into?" Niko asks himself and he runs towards the vehicle carrying the ruby. He opens the trunk, grabs the ruby and stuffs it into his coat pocket. Almost immediately, he runs over and grabs the duffel bag full of cash. More IAA agents pull up, but Niko clears them out before entering the escape helicopter and fleeing the area. The previous Akula takes more damage while trying to take off, eventually exploding.

"Woah! Get us out of here! We don't have time to sit around!" Niko yells at the pilot. The helicopter flees the area. The screen fades to black.

At the Arcadius Fountains

Niko walks up to Alex, who is conversing with several men in suits.

"Oh my lord, Niko, what happened?" Alex asks with his hands out.

"The Government knew about the deal. Agents swarmed the deal. Several of your men died and a helicopter was destroyed."

"What about the ruby?" Alex asks. Niko reaches into his pocket and hands him the ruby.

"Here. I got the cash too. You got off better than you thought you would, but your guys paid the real price."

"A price to pay for something so valuable. I'll make flowers are at the funerals of the men."

"You aren't concerned about the Government agents that attacked?"

"No, they're always trying to stop private deals because they can't get any tax money from it. I greatly appreciate your effort. I'll be in touch again soon. If you'll excuse me, Mr. Bellic, I have to set up a business partnership with these fine gentlemen here." Niko nods and walks away.