Double Down is the 10th mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Roman, but does not immediately hear the other end speak. "Hello? Hello? Roman, you there? Cousin....?"

Silence continues.

"Cousin.....are you there? Helloooooo?"

"Shit Niko, shit, fuck, shit, shit shit!" says Roman, hurriedly.

"Roman, calm down. Calm down. What's going on? Are you in trouble?"

"Fuck man, you gotta help me, fuck, FUCK!"

Niko replies, angrily, "What the fuck is going on? You've got to tell me, cousin, or I can't help yo-"

"FUCK NIKO, FUCK, just come get me, I'm near this taco place in east LS, fuck, fuck!"

The call ends. "Fucking hell Roman, what have you done now....." Niko speeds off for the mentioned taco place.

Arriving at the restaurant, Niko looks around for any sign of Roman. "Where is he?" Niko thinks to himself. Niko drives around the block to locate his cousin.

After several u-turns and switching lanes, Niko receives another phone call from Roman. Niko answers, "Where the fuck are you?"

"I'm in the alleyway, you fucking stupid shit, and I've got fucking I don't know who trying to fucking kill me! Okay, I know you won't like this, but-"

"Just get to the fucking point!" says Niko.

"Okay....I've been gambling. I know, you don't like it when I gamble, but see cousin, we can win big, and pay off this psycho friend of yours, what's his name, Lester?"

Niko takes a few seconds to reply. "Jesus fucking christ Roman, you're fucking gambling? The money. That I've been working for to please this fucking Lester douche? Oh no...."

The phone call ends abruptly. Niko enters the aforementioned alleyway, and sees a trash bin open slightly.

"Are you in there?" says Niko.

"Yes I'm fucking in here, now let's go," Roman says, lifting the trash bin lid and getting in the Esperanto.

Niko and Roman drive off and head for the apartment.

" you're back to gambling. And who were those fucking people you said tried to kill you anyway? I told you, gambling always leads us into trouble. Remember back in LC? You had half of the Armenian or whoever mob on you."

"Yes, cousin, I'm well aware of the dangers, thank you very much. But see, I don't trust this Lester guy you're hanging out with. Why would he pay you if he can just sell your information with the flick of a switch? Doesn't this seem suspicious to you, Niko?"

Niko replies, somewhat sarcastically, "Yes, Roman, I'm well aware, now please, let me take care of it. He's paid us decent money, and you keep gambling it away. You've got to let me handle this shit, until I find a way out. After that, well, I don't know, do we stay in LS? Go back to LC? Maybe move somewhere else. But either way, we'll get out."

"I hope you're right, cousin." Roman replies.

Niko and Roman arrive at the Hawick apartment, and Niko allows Roman to stay. "Okay, okay, you can stay. Just please, please, don't gamble anymore."