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Also known as:
  • EH
Date of Creation:September 19th, 2008
Place of origin:Los Santos
Main affiliation:
eHero is a hacktivist group and alias for Gary Mitnick. eHero plays a large role in San Andreas Connection. Their main rivals are CollEktiv.


eHero is the most powerful hacking collective that operates in Southern San Andreas. They consider organized businesses and government to be a threat, and use technology to bend the world to their whim. The group opposed the implementation of networked assets in general society, such as hyper-complex smart phones like iFruit, and networked household appliances like software-controlled lightbulbs. The group's members hack into various computer networks for destructive purposes in order to highlight their weakness and vulnerabilities.

One way in which eHero have voiced their opinion and made their presence known was the seizure of the Spark Incorporated website in 2018, shortly after the events of San Andreas Connection. The website was seized and then subsequently transformed into an ambiguous advertisement page. The page was turned entirely black and covered with an eHero logo, formed from ASCII characters.

eHero is considered a threat by most organizations and governments, however eHero remains unharmed as it is favored by most people, making it nearly impossible to hit. The group’s logo has been turned into a social icon of sorts, being plastered on billboards and clothing. eHero’s logo is considered to be symbolic of social freedom and corporate transparency.


eHero is notorious for ransacking websites and software with inside jokes and various online memes. The best example of their sense of humor is when they hijack television broadcasts, incorporating inside jokes with political satire. Their use of hacker-tropes and "Vinewood hacking" makes them seem even more powerful and aware than they truly are, which sparks fear into their opponents.

The favored music genre is vaporwave / synthwave due to their heavy involvement in internet culture. They feel that this music describes them, due to the heavy electronic overtone and throwback 80s aesthetics. TBD