The Libertonian
Episode 0: Prologue
EpisodePrologue (0)
Air dateAugust 22, 2016
  • The7thOne
  • theNGclan
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N/AEpisode 1: The First Heist

Episode 0: Prologue is the 0th episode in The Libertonian.


The episode begins

The television screen.

displaying a television tuned to static. An audio track begins, and Gary Mitnick introduces himself, exclaiming that the current tapes were created in August 2015, a year after the events of The Libertonian and San Andreas

Antonio robbing a liquor store.


The three characters are introduced, starting with Antonio. His first job is a liquor store in East LS in October 2013. While the score is a success, Antonio's work is sloppy - as a result, he panics and shoots the store owner multiple times. He manages to escape, thus ending his introduction.

Gary then begins to talk about Daniel, starting with his work with Gerald, a drug kingpin within the Families in May 2013.

After arriving in Los Santos, Daniel books a room at a hotel near Davis in El Rancho. After receiving an email from Lamar about a job opportunity, Daniel agrees and heads to a drug deal underneath the Olympic Freeway.

Upon arriving, Daniel's presence is discouraged by The Lost MC as well as the Vagos, and a gunfight erupts. A lengthy battle details Daniel's struggle with using a firearm, missing many shots and only barely scraping by.

After managing to dispatch the enemies in the area, Daniel finds the drugs, but another wave of Lost arrive

Daniel under heavy gunfire from The Lost MC.

by van. Daniel takes an Assault Rifle from a dead guard, and blind fires from cover. Missing many shots, the Lost are easily able to fight back. Daniel attempts to suppress them but the rifle jams. Unable to fire any more bullets, Daniel switches back to his pistol. After a brief struggle, he manages to clear the area of enemies. After a few seconds of contemplation, he rushes to his car and flees the scene, arriving at Gerald's apartment mere seconds later. Afterwards, Gary discusses Denis in detail - his life in Liberty City, as well as the stock market crash of 2008. Gary also says he "reminds me of someone else I know", which may be a reference to Niko Bellic, given the two look similar.

Denis arriving in Los Santos.

Denis arrives in Los Santos in 2008. After hailing a taxi from Los Santos International Airport, Denis arrives at his newly purchased apartment.

Several days later, Denis hears a knock on his door. Keen to investigate, he opens the door to Lester Crest, who was an avid follower of Denis's work before the crash.

Gary again goes into detail about future events, and dismisses the idea that the Trio are still alive, thinking them to be "dead". Gary ends the tape with a transition to Episode 1, although no such tapes were ever discovered. The episode ends.