The Libertonian
Episode 1: The First Heist
The First Heist
EpisodeThe First Heist (1)
Air dateAugust 24, 2016
  • The7thOne
  • theNGclan
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The First Heist is the first episode in The Libertonian.


The episode starts with the Trio entering the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank. After scaring
the customers in the building, the Trio advances and forces the bank tellers to let them proceed. Antonio hacks the first gate leading to the vault, while Daniel and Denis control the tellers. After the first gate is breached, the Trio advances into the vault entrance. Antonio proceeds to hack the vault door, while Denis and Daniel wait patiently.

Antonio successfully hacks the vault door, and Denis and Daniel begin to steal the cash. The bank tellers are dealt with, and the Trio advances to the foyer inside the bank.

Meanwhile, the LSPD have already arrived, and are waiting for the Trio to step outside. The Trio make their exit in a second entrance, and are instantly swarmed with cops.

Daniel manages to kill many of the cops, while Denis and Antonio follow from behind. The Trio attempt to lose the cops in an alleyway nearby, but the escape is unsuccessful. Pushing through, the Trio eventually finds a secluded area to escape.
After the heist, the Trio celebrate outside Lester's sweatshop. In their respective vehicles, the Trio rev their engines in unison, and leave the area. The heist is thus a success. The episode then fades to a flash-forward sequence, showing Daniel in a depressed state.
Drinking heavily in his Vinewood Hills estate, Daniel enters his bedroom but before he can make it to the bed, he falls and passes out. After a short series of flashbacks, Daniel wakes up again and rushes to the bathroom. Following this, Daniel enters the bedroom again and proceeds into his closet.


  1. This is the first heist shown in the series.
  2. All three protagonists are wearing a tie representing their colors - Red for Antonio, Green for Denis, Blue for Daniel.
  3. Brief flashes of the Rockstar Editor logo can be seen. This is an editing oversight.
  4. Antonio's plate is missing on his Elegy RH8.
  5. The flashback sequence uses clips from the original The First Raid episode.
  6. This marks the first on-screen appearance of the Trio together.
  7. Lester's garment factory shows police tape blocking the perimeter - it is likely that Lester didn't own the property during this time.