"Financial Imbalance" is the ninth episode in the web series The Libertonian.


The episode starts a week after the Blitz Play, with Lester receiving a phone call in his house. Lester answers, but no person on the other end can be heard. Lester immediately suspects who it is, and simply replies, "I know. I'm coming."

Lester drives to the airport and leaves Los Santos for Liberty City to help the Trio with the situation. Denis and Antonio arrive in Liberty City sometime after Lester and Gary Mitnick.

The Protagonist is seen drinking heavily in his penthouse, while he hears a knock on the door. He drops the glass, but proceeds to let them through.

Lester, Gary, Antonio, and Denis all enter. "Okay, okay, make sure your phones are turned off. If they have a removable battery, take it out NOW. Put them all in this bag....okay? Okay. Good." says Gary, collecting everyone's phones and ensuring they are powered off, before transferring the bag to a separate room. "This way, they won't hear us."

Lester and the Trio sit down. "So, my taciturn friends, it's clear there's a problem. These guys, Spark, and Alex, they're not nice guys. Which is why it's important you stay separated. Coming together to LC was risky enough, especially with me and Gary on board, so we need to come up with a plan here."

The Trio nod their heads together.

"So....who are these guys? They're Spark, Spark Incorporated, run by this corrupt ass ex-congressman named Alex Vogil. It's awkward, it's...heh, really awkward, but this is the same guy that was in cahoots with the IAA for a while. So, there's going to be some problems." says Lester.

"I know them myself," says Gary. "That Alex guy has never been too fond of me. Luckily he uses the same password for everything," Gary chuckles.

"Okay, okay, great, Gary, so do you have an opinion on what we should do? This includes you too, you know."

Gary replies, "Well, the way I see it, we're screwed. We can't take any more scores, that's too risky. We've got to find some more people...but I don't know anyone who could help us."

Lester replies, "Well, there was that.....eastern-european guy we've been working with....but nah, he's not willing to play ball."

Gary butts in, "Well, yeah, but can't we coerce him more?"

"NO, that's not going to work," Lester replies, somewhat sarcastically. "Focus on the task at hand. Spark. Trio. Get it together."

Lester uncovers the planning board and begins to write. "Yes, yes, good good good, this goes here......ah hah."

"So, this is the plan. It's obvious we can't do anything about Spark, at least not yet. But we can at least bypass their information gathering system. You see, Spark pays close attention to key events. They found out about us because a certain company from a certain CEO's stocks inflated from $40 to $100 after a certain Heist on a certain bank in Vinewood-"

"Okay okay okay okay okay, we get it, now what's the plan?" says Gary, interrupting.

"We lay low. No major heists unless we're absolutely sure we won't be noticed. We'll have to be more careful, uh, gloves, masks, I'd even suggest changing our appearances. Wear dark clothes, never use the same phone for long, things like that. We need to be VERY fucking careful, because these guys don't screw around."

The Trio nods once again in agreement, with Denis rubbing his chin.

"Anyway, I'll be giving each of you disposable phones with lots of minutes left. ONLY use these if you absolutely MUST. Payphones will be our friend from now on. Use aliases or initials from here on out. If you have to pull off a job, you wear gloves. I'd also suggest a haircut, but that's up to you. In the meantime, me and Gary are staying in LC. We still need to get together our old equipment, which we abandoned back in LS. Though I think we have someone who can take care of that...."

Lester and Gary retrieve the phones, and leave the penthouse. The Trio, still somewhat shaken, agree with Gary and Lester's plans.

The Trio for now decides to stay in Liberty City, to gather more information on the plans against Spark. After many hours of collecting information, Denis and Antonio leave the city again for Las Venturas and San Fierro, respectively.

Alex is seen in his new office at Maze Bank, Liberty Inc's old headquarters. Renovating the interior, he is seen with several Spark guards as he raises his hand above the Board of Directors' desk. Alex then proceeds to sit down at the CEO's desk as the camera pans to the skyline.

The episode cuts back to Antonio, arriving back in San Fierro. He takes a cab back to his hotel room, and decides to watch some TV. Cutting through several channels, such as "New pill for middle-aged men who can't get erections!" and "Stock prices at an all time low" as seen on the news, to "Mr. Raspberry Jam's Cameo", "Spark Incorporated moves headquarters, the mysterious corporation" and finally, a music channel which Antonio listens to.

Denis arrives back in Las Venturas, obviously still shaken after previous events. After picking up some cigarettes at a local liquor store, Denis walks back to his apartment.

Denis witnesses a crime in progress - a carjacking in a parking lot. Denis takes a second guess, but decides to intervene after several seconds. Raising his pistol high, the carjacker notices him, and a bright flashlight is shone at Denis' face.

Denis fires several shots blindly, glass breaking can be heard. The screen eventually turns white, and a nightmare sequence is active - "Stocks & Bonds"

Denis arrives in a dark parking garage, wearing a suit with a yellow tie. Time slows down initially, and a piano song played in reverse is heard. A security guard on the phone is seen a second later, along with books titled "Lessons From The 1929 Stock Market Crash". Flashbacks to falling stock prices are seen in mid air, while Denis is handcuffed with his polar opposite, mocking his actions.

Denis breaks free of his handcuffs, and starts a fight with his clones and various other figures. A suited man in the background watches, as Denis's signature colors fade from Green to Red, signifying his insanity growing.

Denis then crouches down as he sees the books spread out on the floor. Immediately next to it, a cart filled with gold is seen, along with a planning board.

Denis is handcuffed again, and his polar opposite pours gasoline on the books and gold. Immediately afterwards, it is set on fire. Denis awakes in reality in his apartment, with remnants of the bright light still imminent. The episode ends.