Home is the eighth and first episode of Season 2 in the web series The Libertonian.


The episode begins immediately after where "Blitz Play" left off. Daniel, flying over North Yankton to Liberty City, realizes the plane is malfunctioning, as the engine suddenly stops in the air. After restarting the plane just in time, Daniel lands the plane safely near Ludendorff.

Realizing the issue is not fuel related, but the engine overheating, Daniel is forced to search for a fire extinguisher to prevent the engine from combusting. Daniel steals a car and drives for Ludendorff.

During the drive to Ludendorff, Daniel has a flashback from The First Raid, however it abruptly ends and focuses back to the present.

Arriving in the town, Daniel begins his search for an extinguisher. Locating one outside of a warehouse nearby, Daniel brings it back to the car and leaves Ludendorff for the plane.

Arriving back at the plane, Daniel uses the extinguisher to cool down the engine and the rest of the plane. The plane is cooled down, and Daniel is able to ascend in the plane, heading farther east for Liberty City.

Meanwhile, the episode cuts to several hours after the Blitz Play, with Antonio driving quickly on the Great Ocean Highway, heading for Paleto Bay. Narrowly passing through traffic, Antonio reaches Paleto Bay and continues north for Northern San Andreas. A character transition occurs, and the episode switches to Denis, arriving at Los Santos International Airport by taxi. Entering the airport, Denis waits for his flight to Las Venturas.

In the meantime, Daniel arrives in Liberty City, landing the plane on a beach in Alderney. Hailing a taxi, Daniel finds a hotel to stay in temporarily until it is safe to purchase a penthouse. Daniel arrives at a hotel and the episode ends with him checking in to his room.