Expanding The Family

Boss: Gary Mitnick
  1. Go to the Garment Factory
  2. Drive with Gary to the Warehouse
  3. Wait for Gary to confirm the meeting
  4. Follow Gary inside the Warehouse
  5. Leave the area
Unlocked after:Four-Way
Unlocks:The Serbian Connection

Expanding The Family is the thirteenth mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a text from Gary. "Hey Slav, thanks for doing my dry cleaning the other day. I'd like you to meet the store's owner. Meet me at the usual place."

Niko heads to the garment factory and is greeted by Gary outside. "Alright NB, I'm coming with you. There's somewhere we need to go." Gary gets in Niko's car and they leave the area.

"We need to? Go where? Is this a shakedown?" says Niko, puzzled.

"Nah, nah, it's not a shakedown. See, if I was FIB, or IAA, or whoever the fuck they call themselves, you'd be arrested by now, same with Lester. But I don't play those games. Anyway. there's a few associates I want you to meet. After the News job I decided to get a warehouse set up for eHero's nasty business."

" you know these guys aren't FIB either? No shakedown from them?"

"Nonsense, Niko. See, these are dedicated people, some ex-FIB-EX, FIB, mind you, CollEktiv, some are just really, really good at security. But we don't let in script kiddies. No, no no, these people are the real talent of the hacking culture, something you're probably not familiar with."

"No, Gary, I'm not familiar with it at all."

"Alright, well, there's a few terms we like to use on occasion. "Pwned" means that we've successfully infiltrated, breached, or bypassed a particular form of security, or just broke into that screaming kid's network while he beat us on Righteous Slaughter."

"Pwned? So, like, poned?"

"Nah Nicky...Pwned. P-w-n-e-d. Agh, whatever...anyway, these people are trusted, by me personally. Lester isn't really the group type, he likes to stay, you know, in his dwelling doing fuck knows what to girls barely past the Sophomore. But that's another story..."

"Lester does that shit? And I thought you were creepy..."

"Ehhhhhh, he's done some....questionable things. But that's another story.... just uh, don't get too close to Lester. I wouldn't be surprised if he's listening in on our conversation right now. Hi Lest."

Gary receives a notification on his phone. "Oh, what's that?" Gary checks his phone. "I heard that, Mitdick." "Mitdick...." Niko chuckles.

"Hey, Slav, at least I haven't called you big-nosed fella." Niko and Gary chuckle.

"Anyway....where were we? Oh yeah, eHero, right. Yeah. Just get over there and we'll talk things through."

The Password

Niko and Gary arrive at the new warehouse. "Alright, now before we go in, I have to go in, make sure the coast is "clear", and then you can come in freely. They're a jumpy sort of group, so if we do anything quickly, I'm sure our phones will be pwned quicker than you can say "Uncle Lest"."

Niko waits outside while Gary provides clearance.

"Password?" Says the guard behind the door. "Gibblet." says Gary.

"Hmm.... gibblet?" says the guard. "Gibblet."

"Hold up.... I'll be right back."

The guard closes the peekhole and walks away.

"Goddamit, don't they know I changed the password? He must've drowned my 1 hour speech out with vaporwave."

"Vaporwave, Gary?" says Niko, crossing his arms. "Ehh....yeah, Vaporwave. But that's another story... let's just get in."

Niko and Gary wait for the guard to return. The peekhole opens, and Gary approaches the entrance.

"Gibblet is indeed the correct password. Sorry boss, must've been the volume. Welcome back eHero."

The door opens, and Gary walks in. Gary motions to Niko that he'll be back.

Niko waits outside, and eventually falls asleep on the bench outside.

Meeting The Associates

After several hours, Niko is woken up by Gary. "Psst....hey, Slav....wake up...."

"What? Where are we? Who's this weird guy right next to me?" says Niko, drowsily.

"It's Gary, you big-nosed idiot. You must've passed out during my meeting. Sorry about that, things got shaken up. Anyway, there's still time to meet the family. Come on, let's go in."

Niko rubs his eyes and proceeds to follow Gary.

"eHero, I want you to meet the person behind the Weazel hijacking. The person responsible for bringing eHero's goals to the masses. This Slav prick here - Niko Bellic."

The eHero group pause their keyboard typing to look above their monitors. After pausing for several seconds, they raise their arms up.

"See? I told you they liked you."

"When?" says Niko, confused.

"Let's go, come on, you have to see our server." Gary hurries Niko to the back room. "This thing kicks Maze Bank's ass. It can mine millions of eCoins per minute, and is capable of over 40TB of storage. The best part? All SSD. SSD, Niko. No mechanics here."

"What the shit's an SSD?" says Niko, crossing his arms.

"Solid-state-drive. Agh, you Slavs never did get the first Facade PCs anyway."

"And this..." says Gary, as he pulls out a shotgun, " our weapons cache." Gary extends the shotgun out to Niko, in a gifting manner.

"Whoa, Gary, I never knew you guys were preparing for the 2nd coming of the redcoats." "We like to think so," Gary replies, "except the redcoats aren't the same people. Anyway, you can have it, we've got tons more in the back."

"Shit, Gary, this thing packs some punch. You guys don't screw around." says Niko, amazed by the variety of weapons.

"Yeah, well, that's what you get with a group of paranoid, caffeine-fueled junkies like ourselves. Fighting the common enemy, big brother, you know?" "Eh, I think so," says Niko, rubbing his chin.

"Come on, you have to see our transponder. We managed to get this guy to do it for us, Avi Schwartzman, leftover from that bank job Lester did with uh....those people..."

"I never did hear about this bank job. Didn't the guys get sacked or something?" "Not here, Niko," says Gary, with a serious tone.

Gary walks out of the server room, while Niko follows. "Niko, this is Ishmael, one of our top programmers."

"Hi, uh...Ishmael," says Niko, turning his head rapidly. "Oh shit, you're that guy. Hey, nice to meet you." Ishmael shakes Niko's hand.

"Eh...I just loaded a flash drive with some video files. I'm not really the hero her-"

"Whoa, Nicky, where's the self confidence?" Gary butts in.

"I mean, it was just some video files, Gary," Niko chuckles nervously. "Whatever dude. Just know that you did a huge favor for us, and even paid with interest on top. You're a legend to us right now." Ishmael says from behind the monitor.

"Well uh....thanks," Niko turns his head nervously.

"Alright, well, I think that's it for now Niko. Thanks for coming by. Just uh, don't fall asleep again."

"Heh, I'll try, Gary. I'll try."

Niko and Gary leave the building. Gary hails a taxi.


  • The password "Gibblet" is a reference to the coloquial term "gibbing", associated with first-person shooters such as Doom. Gibbing is the act of dismembering or otherwise disentegrating an enemy.
  • Niko's reference to Vaporwave is ironic, as SAC's radio includes a station focused on the genre.