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Fight Club is an Activity in San Andreas Connection.



Niko is placed in a fighting arena against a select number of enemies. He must neutralize the enemies in any way possible, either lethally or non-lethally.

Typically, the enemies come into the ring unarmed. Weapons are occasionally tossed into the ring by spectators or there may be weapons already placed. The enemies will fight each other, alongside Niko, allowing the player a good challenge and also giving them some space if necessary.


Enemies range in power and size. The bigger the enemy, the slower they are.

  • Normal Enemy - Average speed, average damage, average health.
  • Fat Enemy - Slow speed, above average damage, above average health.
  • Muscular Enemy - Fast speed, excessive damage, average health.

Level variations

  • Standard Fight - Niko VS A single enemy
  • Three Ways - Niko VS Two enemies
  • Four Way - Niko VS Three enemies
  • Crowded - Niko VS Four enemies
  • Full House - Niko VS Five enemies
  • The Fun Fair - Niko VS Six enemies