Boss: Alex Vogil
  1. Assassinate Ray Sullivan
  2. Assassinate Jane MacMillan
  3. Assassinate Gregory Dalton
  4. Assassinate Alan Platterson
  5. Reply to Alex's text
  6. Leave the area
  7. Call Lester
Unlocked after:Tax Deduction
Unlocks:Expanding The Family
Four-Way is the twelfth mission in San Andreas Connection.

Pre-mission text

Prior to starting the mission, the player will receive a text message that says the following:

"Golf was enlightening. Perhaps you'd like to help me with a minor issue? If you're interested, meet me at Simmet Valley. Come alone."
―Alex Vogil


Niko arrives at Simmet Valley and looks around for Alex. He keeps walking but fails to find Alex. Suddenly, Alex taps Niko's shoulder causing Niko to quickly turn around.

"Crap, don't do that man! I'm already jumpy as-is." Niko says to Alex. Alex looks at him and pats him on the soldier.

"I'll do as I please. But regardless, I have something I'd like for you to do." Alex replies, reaching for his phone. "There are four people in this city that I need taken out before I can make some investments."


"Do I dare ask what you're investing in?" Niko asks.

"A business venture. A large one." Alex replies while swiping through photos on his phone. "There are some people who have given me some... how should I put it... difficulties when it comes to working on my project. Invading my privacy and breaking my trust. I'm a man who values trust so I never take kindly to people wronging me."

"I hear that. Who are these people?" Niko says back to Alex, looking at the phone.

"These people." Alex says, showing Niko a photo with four people. "They've been messing with my business for years and I believe it's time we take them out for good. I hear you're good at getting people wiped out, so you'll do what you do best - that is if you're man enough for the job."

"Shit, only four? That seems reasonable."

"Yes, Mr. Bellic, only four. But if you want that sum to increase... well, you know where to find me."

"Alright, Mr.....Vogil... so, who are we dealing with here, and where?"

"First target, Ray Sullivan. He works for this tech startup that recently came into the area. Only problem is... he's trouble. The guy negotiates contracts to hell in a handbasket, and has jeopardized many of my close previous colleagues at the IAA. Making empty promises for "revolutionizing your security" but then hassling and haggling to get the highest price for the system to be put in place. He's trouble."

" target?"

"Jane MacMillan. She's been trying to oust many of my associates for a little over a decade, making false accusations of offshore activities throughout the corporation. Think of it as a campaign. I need you to take her out so we don't get the uh, capitalist truth out."

"" Niko replies.

"Gregory Dalton. Previous CEO of Hawk & Little. He screwed my corporation's Spark Operations division by delivering us faulty Special Carbine firearms. I have enough reason to believe he hates my work. I need you to take him out so we don't have guns jamming during bounty hunts."

"Sounds good....anyone else?"

"Oh - yes. Alan Platterson. He's been stalking my company's stock prices for years now, and although we're publicly traded, I can tell he's been trying to outbid my best investors. Take him out and we'll be fine business partners for life."

"Alan Platterson? You're sure about this? I think he's that guy that Lester's been seeing."

"Lester's been seeing him? How does he know him? This is peculiar... that's alright, we'll discuss this later. Just get this job done first, and we can sleep easy. I'll be sending the targets' locations to your phone. Go."

Niko leaves the area and starts his hunt for the targets.

"Okay.... Ray Sullivan - Del Perro." Niko thinks to himself.

Ray Sullivan - Del Perro

Niko arrives at Del Perro, and tracks the target down to a business meeting at the Wiwang building. "Shit, he's inside....way too high profile." Niko decides to wait it out.


Eventually, the target leaves the building, and Niko assassinates Ray. "Shit, I need to leave," Niko rushes to the car and leaves the area.

"Alright....City Hall for Jane," Niko arrives at City Hall.

Jane MacMillan - City Hall

MacMillan is seen protesting outside, with the agenda being to "oust corrupt CEOs". Niko attempts to get a good view of the target.

"City Hall....there's tons of LSPD here. This won't be easy... fuck me."

Niko has a choice - either to ascend the rooftop nearby, or to assassinate Jane from street level, although this will be met with quick retaliation. Either way, the target will be assassinated and the player will have to escape.


"I agree with you Jane, but you need to go," Niko says, as he sighs. He assassinates Jane.

"Shit! She's been fucking shot! Someone call the paramedics!" yells out someone over the microphone. Sirens are heard immediately. "Fuck, I knew this was too hot to handle, goddamit Alex..." Niko thinks, as he races to the car to escape and leave the area.

After getting far away enough, Niko advances on the third target. "Gregory Dalton, okay....and he's at the LS Gun Club."

Gregory Dalton - LS Gun Club

Niko parks outside and waits for the target to leave the building. "Why can't I just go inside and kill him?" Niko thinks to himself. "They're always inside or surrounded. This is never easy...."


Niko waits for Gregory to exit the gun club. "Alright, I think this is it," says Niko, as a person exits. "Yep, that's definitely him, briefcase and everything," Niko assassinates Gregory.

"Fuck, time to go then," Niko escapes the area.

"The last target....Alan Platterson. This guy never seemed fishy to me, although he met with Lester at times. Fuck, should I warn him?" Niko heads to Alan's location.

Alan Platterson - TBD LOCATION


Upon arriving, Alan recognizes Niko. "Niko Bellic? What are you doing here? Did Lester authorize you to come?"

"Actually, Alex Vogil authorized me. However, just so we're clear... I don't want to hurt you," says Niko.

"Alex? What the hell do you mean? Does he want me dead?" Alan replies, visibly shaken.

"Yes, he's asked me to assassinate you. He just had me take out 3 other "business partners". It's really fucked, and I don't want to hurt you."

"So you take out three other targets who likely have no corporate agenda, yet you'll spare my life because I know Lester Crest? I don't follow your logic, Mr. Bellic."

"I don't know Alan, you tell me. But I don't want to kill you, that's final. I just don't know how I'll explain this to Alex....fuck me!"

Alan sighs and paces several times.

"Well. Does Alex know if the targets are actually taken out? Does he require a picture of proof?"

"No, he does not require proof. In fact, he just sent me to kill them. There were no guidelines in place." Niko replies.

" he won't know if you don't kill me...but he'll find out if I'm still alive, somehow, I just know it. Mr. Bellic, Alex is dangerous. Truly corrupt. He's one of the worst CEOs to ever exist."

"I got those vibes from him, yes. I'm just doing this for the cash, and because I really have no choice, with Lester and all, heh."


"Well's your choice. If you kill me, Alex will have no reason to suspect you back-stabbed him. Then you can have the money, and the entire resources of Spark Incorporated. I can't believe Alex would do this to his top investor..."

"Wait, you're his top investor? He said you just stocked his prices."

"He told you that? Heh, typical Alex. I've been his right-hand man for almost a decade, and now this is how he repays me...oh well, it doesn't matter in the end. Your choice Bellic. Make it now."

"Fuck.... I can't do this." Niko throws his gun at the wall. "Alright, we'll fake your death or something. Or lay low and create a new handle for your investing I guess?"

"Alex will try to collapse all of my assets into an offshore company, I know him. This means I lose practically everything... I may have to lay low north for a while, I'll talk to Lester. I appreciate the nobility Mr. Bellic, but that doesn't make you any better for assassinating three other innocent individuals."

Niko and Alan part ways. Niko kicks the wall, and receives a text from Alex. "Have the shirts been dry cleaned? And did you starch the white shirt?"

Niko replies to the text. "Yes, they've been dry cleaned - extra starch on the white shirt."

Niko leaves the area.