Get A Little Higher

  • Beat Benny
Unlocked after:Modding At Its Finest
Unlocks:Custom Classics
Get A Little Higher is the third mission in Benny's strand in San Andreas Connection.


Benny is sitting on the hood of a Voodoo Custom, talking on the phone. Niko walks over to the newly customized Chino and waits.

"Listen man, I promise you the shipment is gonna be there soon. Just gotta polish up this Chino and shit, you know? ...But it ain't time yet bro. ....Aight aight, lemme just finish this last test and the Chino is done. Aight." Benny says before ending the call. Niko waves.

"Hey bro, you ever made a lowrider hop before?" Benny asks Niko.

"Can't say I have." Niko replies.

"Aight, well, look at this then." Benny motions Niko to follow him. He shows Niko the hydraulic controls in the Chino.

"It's pretty simple, I've labeled everything you'll need. These button controls the air reservoir, this controls the lift, etc etc."