Greg Leonard
Greg Leonard
Also known as:
  • Tree Hugging Hippie
  • Fruitie Tootie
  • Sheep Herder
Date of Birth:Feb 2, 1955
Place of birth:San Fierro
Main affiliation:
Portrayed by:MRxSNIPES2
Greg Leonard is a minor character in the web series The Libertonian and is a minor character in San Andreas Connection.


Greg Leonard was a closed-source software engineer and former head of iFruit Computers. He was notorious for advocating closed-sourced software and restricting users from being able to use their software optimally, much to the distaste of Lester Crest.

Growing up, he was a stereotypical hippie who smelled of wet underpants and moldy cheese. When his best friend and probably lover Stan Wozlik began working on a computer, Greg became extremely interested and wanted to involve his pseudo communism into the project through restricted software.


Greg is self indulged man who only cares about his own profits. He refuses to let people modify the contents of his software because they would be expressing themselves better than he possibly could, when enrages him and usually ends in a blow out.

Rivalry with Gary Mitnick

In 1991, Gary Mitnick would be hired by Greg to develop algorithms that would make it much harder to modify files within Fruit software. Unknowing of what was going on, Greg had no idea that Gary was releasing documentation on his new code alongside the source code to the Fruit Operating System. Greg fired Gary as soon as he caught wind of the situation and stated that Gary would "never get work again". This destroyed any chances Gary had at joining businesses afterwards.

iFruit Database Leak

Following the sale of NeChan in 2008, hacktivist group CollEktiv broke into Fruit's database and mined the information of millions of customers. Greg was directly responsible for insisting on not using hashing for storing data since it would "take away from the principle of simplicity". Leonard would come under heavy fire in the media, being called "irresponsible", "egotistical", "purveyor of fine consumer bank accounts", and other slanderous nicknames. It was a disaster for Fruit's stock and for Greg's sanity.

Events of The Libertonian

Greg has pushed Lester Crest, a business associate of Gary Mitnick, over the limit by restricting even more software. As a way to take Greg out, and manipulate the stock market, Lester enlists Denis Cravic to clean up the situation.

Greg is relaxing at the park, taking a selfie with the latest iFruit Phone. His single guard seems to be uninterested in doing his job. Denis climbs to the top of one of the surrounding buildings with a Sniper Rifle and points his aim directly at Greg. In one single shot, Denis kills Greg instantly with a bullet to the head. The guard is unable to find Denis and the iFruit stock price drops.

Events of Undead Nightmare

While Undead Nightmare does take place after San Andreas Connection, it is non-canon and should not be considered part of the main story.

Greg is found roaming around a destroyed iFruit 6 launch. He can be killed by Niko. When killed, he drops 500 Assault Rifle ammo.


  1. Greg Leonard is a parody of Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO.
  2. Greg is also a parody of MRxSNIPES2, being his polar opposite.
  3. Greg is shot in the pancreas by Denis during his assassination.