Hello World!

Boss:Gary Mitnick
  • Go to the Garment Factory
  • Pick a method
  • Leave the area
Unlocked after:Outlawing the Law
Unlocks:The News Heist (all setups and finale)
Hello World! Is the ninth mission in San Andreas Connection.


Niko and Roman are still staying at Niko's apartment in Hawick, laying low after the previous showdown with the loan sharks. Niko cooks a meal for Roman, while Roman sits down at the dining table. Niko serves Roman the entirety of the meal, and Roman manages to eat it within several seconds.

"Jesus, Roman, you need to get a gym membership."

Roman, still chewing leftover bits of his food, responds with, "Fuck off. You practically gained weight tenfold after we left LC. You were in shape! Now look at you, lazy, soft, and giving into blackmailing weirdos."

Niko slams his fist on the table, "So you gambling our hard-earned money and wasting it on fast food is considered "normal"? What is f-"

Niko receives a phone call midway in the conversation. "Agh, I don't have time for this crap," Niko says, scuffing his knuckles.

"Okay okay, listen, you need to do this thing N. Remember the Vinewood sign? Well, heh, it worked. But there's a problem....they're using a completely different frequency for broadcasting. I need you to-"

"Okay, okay, slow the fuck down. Who are you and what the hell's going on?" says Niko.

"I'm uh...Gary? Gary Mitnick? I work for Lester. You need to do this job or else Lester will uh, do his things....anyway, come down to Lester's factory in East LS, we'll discuss further there."

Niko sighs, and yells out, "Alright, alright! I'm coming there now."

"Roman, you better not gamble any fucking more, I don't have time for this shit. I need to concentrate now, see you later."

"Niko, wait!" Roman gets up from the table, but Niko drives off too quickly.

Niko arrives at the factory, parking his Esperanto outside. As he turns off the ignition, Niko opens the door, but notices the same man in a suit walk outside. Deciding to eavesdrop, Niko stays inside his car, with the windows rolled down.

"....Mr. Crest, I understand. Same account next month? Excellent, that's how it should be. I'll keep you in the loop. Maybe this time you'll have to sell off-"

The suited man gets in a taxi, cutting off Niko's eavesdropping. "Account? This is sounding funny." Niko thinks to himself.

Niko waits for the taxi to drive off, and heads inside the factory. Niko is immediately greeted by Gary.

"Hello, world! S-see? I'm the bootloader, and you're the executable....sorry, I can't resist. Welcome back Nicky, come over here."

Niko follows Gary into the other room, with a planning board prominently displayed with multiple prints pinned. "Okay okay, so, you did good at the Vinewood sign, but there's a problem."

"What problem?" says Niko.

"Well, while that definitely will help boost the signal, it didn't exactly help "broadcast" it. Only extending the frequency range."

" why am I here again? Heheh," Niko chuckles, somewhat sarcastically.

"Well, Mr. Slav, you're here because Lester says so. Why are you here this time though? That's a good question..." Gary points at the planning board.

"So what is this, a heist?" Niko replies, rubbing his chin.

"Sort of. But you know, you can never go un-prepared. As my motto says, "Be Pre-prepared" haha!"

Niko takes a few seconds to reply. " can we talk business?"

"You didn't like that one? You don't make it easy....but yeah, business. You'll have to break into the Weazel News Building in Little Seoul. But you can't exactly walk right in....No, no, we've gotta get in there quiet-like."

"So how do we get in there quiet like?" Niko replies.

"That's where you come in. There's two ways I see of doing this, which is why the planning board is here.... take a look."

Niko and Gary turn around to observe the planning board.

"So, here are the separate options. Exhibit A - Loud. You'll be breaking in masked, wearing gloves, and fully armed to beat the low-wage paid security guards. You'll need to locate the computer inside that controls the headend, which is on the roof. As it's gated and locked, you can't just rappel in there via helicopter - and even if you could the headend is practically useless to us if we don't make use of that computer, so you'll have to access it from the building itself. The thing is, you'll need a special ID card to be able to access it, so you'll have to track down someone who has access. I'm sure the IT guys there probably have a backup or two.

Or, Exhibit B, Stealth. You'll be acting behind enemy lines and going undercover for this one. Acting similarly to Exhibit A, you'll still need access to the computer that controls the headend broadcasting unit. Play it cool, act like you're one with the temp workers. You'll probably need to persuade a few workers to give up their ID card, which should be easy enough. However, there are always several guards up top, blocking the entrance. So, you'll probably have to blow your cover up here, but as I say, "Be Pre-prepared". So I'm sure there's a way around this. Feel free to come up with your own solutions."

Niko takes in the planning board for a few minutes before replying. "Okay, this sounds good, but if I die, you cut off Lester's cut."

"Oh don't worry, I think only one of us won't be getting a paycheck."

At this point, the player is instructed to choose Exhibit A or Exhibit B. Once chosen, Niko exits the building, and leaves the area.