Jaqlynn Connett
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Date of Birth:June 7th, 1986
Place of Birth:Los Santos, San Andreas
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"I'll do anything as long as it's legal.... -ish."
―Jaqlynn Connett

Jaqlynn Connett is a minor character in The Libertonian and a supporting character in San Andreas Connection.


Jaqlynn Connett became an associate of Daniel Schatzmann, being personally chosen for Liberty Inc's headquarters at Maze Bank. Lester agreed with the choice, having performed background checks on nearly all of the other options available, deeming them "creepy quiet weirdos without talent".

Jaqlynn served 5 years out of 7 years in return for performing community service. After her service was up, Jaqlynn went back to ULSA to complete her other degree in finance.

After receiving a voicemail at ULSA, Jaqlynn is requested to work for a "Mr. Crest" over the phone. Confirming the interview time, Jaqlynn is interviewed at Liberty Inc's headquarters by Daniel. The interview is a success, and Jaqlynn is hired.

After The First Raid, Alex Vogil ultimately absorbed Liberty Inc's headquarters, albeit temporarily. As a result, Jaqlynn became Alex's primary associate, while secretly maintaining contact with Lester and Daniel. Jaqlynn proclaims that she "does not agree with Mr. Vogil's work", but generally agrees that he's a "bit of a weirdo".



Jaqlynn was the only associate to pass Lester's background checks, and so is a heavily trusted ally of The Trio. Jaqlynn can be somewhat tricky to deal with, questioning many customer's personalities and their behavior. Besides this, she is very capable of maintaining brand identity and keeping the operation afloat.

FIB Database record

Mug Jaqlynn
First Name:Jaqlynn
Place of Birth:Los Santos, San Andreas
Status: Not a threat
  • Liberty Incorporated
  • eHero
Criminal Record:
  • 2007 - Embezzlement (Sentenced 7 years - Only served 5 [See notes])
  • Was released from prison early by performing community service.
  • Has a degree in finance.


  • Jaqlynn's name, Connett, derives from a person who lived in the late 1800s. Consequently, Jaqlynn's name derives from another person existing in real life.
  • Jaqlynn can be considered the polar opposite of Daniel, maintaining business rather than dissuading potential customers.