Johnny Klebitz
Appearance(s):San Andreas Connection
Also known as:
  • JK
  • John
  • Jonathan
  • Johnnyboy
  • Jew
Date of Birth:February 17th, 1974
Place of birth:Acter, Alderney
Main affiliation:
Character Photo:
Char johnny
Johnny Klebitz is a supporting character in San Andreas Connection. He, along with The Lost MC, act as a protection racket for Gary Mitnick's business investments in Sandy Shores.


Jonathan Klebitz was born on Feburary 17th. 1974 in Acter, Alderney to a Jewish family. He has an older brother, Michael Klebitz, who used to be with the late leader of the Alderney chapter of The Lost MC, Billy Grey.

Billy would lead The Lost into the ground in 2008, tearing the club apart. Johnny was left with no choice but to kill Billy and close the chapter completely. After burning down the Lost Clubhouse, Johnny would eventually leave Alderney and move to Sandy Shores.