Liberty Incorporated
The Libertonian
Created ByThe7thOne & theNGclan
First EpisodeThe First Heist
Last EpisodeTBA
Original Release8/22/2016
Executive ProducertheNGclan
Setting2014, 2008, Various

Liberty Incorporated is an independent story that takes place in the Seventh-Clan Universe. It was created by The7thOne and theNGclan.


Liberty Incorporated is centered around the trio of protagonists, (The7thOne, theNGclan, BlackScout) although the story is told in a non-linear way.


  1. Daniel Schatzmann - Portrayed by The7thOne. After fleeing San Andreas after a particularly tedious set of heists across the state, his goal is to maximize profit - no matter the cost.
  2. Denis Cravic - Portrayed by theNGclan. Previously wealthy and well-respected stock investor in Liberty City. After the 2008 crash of the stock market and total recession of the nation, he took a life of crime and left Liberty City to start his new chapter in Los Santos as a criminal.
  3. Antonio Santos - Portrayed by BlackScout. Previous resident of San Fierro. After thinking it wasn't fit for his lifestyle, and "filled with furries", he decided to move to Los Santos, at the behest of his close friend Lamar Davis. After robbing small-time gas stations and liquor stores, Antonio picks up an invitation from a certain "Lester Crest" to join a newly formed ring of bank robbers.
  4. Alex Vogil - The main antagonist of the story. He acts as CEO of a relatively secretive corporation dealing with private security and black operations in the nation.
  5. Lester Crest - Portrayed by theNGclan. Lester is the brains behind the organization and acts as the "middle man", forming the Blitz Play, having experience with planning heists and other criminal activities.
  6. Niko Bellic (Mentioned) - Portrayed by Himself. Niko is a mutual contact through Lester, and does not make an on screen appearance.
  7. Jaqlynn Connett - Lead Associate of Liberty Inc and Head of Corporate Management.
  8. Alan Platterson - Head of financing and budgeting for the International Affairs Agency (IAA), he is the person responsible for directing government funding away from the IAA towards the black operations corporation.
  9. Gordon Evans - Alex's personal bodyguard.


  • Alex Vogil is a direct reference to the character Dane Vogel in the video game Saints Row 2.
  • "Libertonian" is a name given to a resident of Liberty City and Liberty State.