Modding At Its Finest

  • Steal the Parts
  • Return to Benny's shop
Unlocked after:Slow and Low
Unlocks:Get a little higher
Modding At Its Finest is the second mission in Benny's strand in San Andreas Connection.


Niko walks into Benny's shop and notices him underneath Chino Niko previously stole.

"Hey man, it's Niko." Niko yells to Benny, trying to make sure he can be heard over the air impacts and metal clanging. "I just wanted to know if you need anything done. Maybe something for this car?"

"Actually man, I need some parts. Some good shit. I have a few parts on a list for you." Benny replies, rolling out from underneath the car. He wipes his hands off and walks towards the clip board on a tool box. He shows Niko the clipboard, pointing at various car parts.

"So I'm going shopping, eh? Seems easy enough." Niko says to Benny, chuckling a bit.

"You could say that. I've put the locations of some parts on the paper. We need, uhh, a legit gold oil filter, a chrome oil sump, a chrome cylinder head and a gold cam shaft. It's all on the list bro." Benny replies, pointing at the parts in order.

"Mm, seems a bit out there, but I'll see what I can do." Niko says, reading over the list as he exits the garage.


The parts are scattered throughout Los Santos. Niko must take out any gang members guarding the parts and deliver them to Benny's shop in any order.


  • Gold oil filter - Behind Vanilla Unicorn - Vagos
  • Chrome oil sump - Parking lot of Pacific Bluffs cemetary - Ballas
  • Chrome cylinder head - Del Perro beach - Vagos
  • Gold cam shaft - El Burro Heights oil rigs - Ballas

After delivering parts

Niko walks inside with a box and hands it to Benny.

"Good job bro, that's all of 'em. I got ya money upstairs, c'mon." Benny says to Niko. Niko nods and follows him up the steps. They both sit down in some chairs and examine the parts.

"You know, I've got big sale comin' up. We gon sell some rides and make some big money. You interested?" Benny asks Niko.

"Of course, as long as it pays good." Niko replies.

"Yeah man, this is gonna be huge. I need someone like you for this. We'll talk soon, aight?" Benny says as he holds the gold cam shaft.

"Sure thing. I'll see you around." Niko says as he gets up and leaves the shop.