NeChan20 is a popular image/messageboard site, created by former Zaibatsu Corporation member turned whistleblower, Dale Miyagi.


NeChan20 was created originally as an in-house project when Miyagi was part of the secretive, but powerful, Zaibatsu Corporation, which had branches in nearly every major US city and beyond. The working title was "The Forum", and was what members on the inside knew it as. Miyagi, however, had other plans as he was on his way out to expose Zaibatsu Corp for their crimes - namely by using subsidiaries and smaller companies to hide its true purpose. They would offshore most of their resources, much like Spark Incorporated and Alex Vogil had done. However, instead of relying on the public's approval for secrecy and deliberately manipulating the media, Zaibatsu instead was one large conglomerate with many various branches and smaller corporations to cover their trail.

Miyagi did not let anyone at Zaibatsu see the source code for NeChan, so none of the software developers at Zaibatsu could continue the originally intended purpose as an in-house forum for communication among members. He would then cut all ties to the Corporation in 2001, launching later that year, using a server he had built at home. The site was mostly aimed at a niche audience, promoting discussions within the Manga and Anime communities, however it quickly gained "e-fame" because Miyagi would regularly create new boards, mostly dedicated to specific interests or hobbies. A "Hackers' Hobby" board emerged in 2002, which drastically increased the userbase to nearly 50,000 visitors a month, which came from referrals within IRC chatrooms.

By 2005, NeChan had grown to around 500,000 monthly visitors, but Miyagi insisted on keeping NeChan a private entity, with a mere three investors maintaining the site. He eventually built his own server farm somewhere in The Carraways, Liberty, where NeChan continues to be hosted today.

In 2007, a "Civil War" had broken out on the site in the wake of the 2007-2008 recession. In the Hackers' Hobby board, threads were being created constantly about what to do about the situation. Some ethical hackers defended their stance to remain neutral. Others wanted to bring justice to those who were "responsible", as they felt they were the ones that caused NeChan's Civil War. Users in other boards remained quiet, but over time the Hackers' Hobby board became the dominant source of the userbase, so no one had equal representation. Known as the "Incident" by those who survived, two major groups formed as a result - CollEktiv, and the early foundation for the eHero Underground hacktivist organization. CollEktiv argued