Nightmares are a recurring element in the web series The Libertonian.


Nightmares are a key plot device and serve as character development or otherwise relevant information for each character. All three protagonists in the Trio have their own nightmare sequences, which may foreshadow future events in particular ways.

The Protagonist - Loss

"Loss" is The Protagonist's nightmare sequence. It deals with his consistent stride for money and power, however subsequently losing it every time he gets close to a certain goal. This symbolizes the First Raid in much detail.

The Protagonist, spotting all of his money and savings on a stage in Los Santos, decides to recover the lost cash. After a lengthy run to the cash, the nightmare plays in reverse, again referencing the First Raid. The Protagonist is now back to where he started - with little money and resources.

Denis Cravic - Stocks & Bonds

"Stocks & Bonds" is Denis' nightmare sequence. It deals with the 2008 recession, and the collapse of the stock market. Denis' clones represent his polar opposites, while the suited-man represents the bridge between what he used to be, and what he is now; starting as a legitimate businessman, but ending with a criminalistic lifestyle.

Gold, money, and a book on the 2008 stock market collapse play major roles in the nightmare sequence. Denis continues to struggle with his polar opposites, which are revealed in the form of Denis striking at his clones.

The nightmare sequence ends with everything burned, while Denis is handcuffed - presumably symbolizing how he holds back in particular situations.

Antonio Santos - The Clap


Niko Bellic - Haunting Past (SAC)

"Haunting Past" is Niko's nightmare sequence. It deals with his past actions, both during the war and during the events of GTA IV. Niko sees corpses scattered across the area, silhouettes of dead children lined up against a wall, blood puddles covering the ground.

The area is dark, with a lighted path leading towards the corpse of Kate McReary - The sister of Packie McReary. Niko approaches her corpse, asking her if she's okay, only to have her quickly ascend and attack him. She's presented in a zombie / possessed form, screaming at him in different pitches (multiple audio pitches played at once).

This nightmare signifies Niko's choices always coming to haunt him and those who are close to him, regardless if he tries to do good.