Niko's Apartment acts as Niko Bellic's first safehouse in San Andreas Connection.


After arriving in Los Santos at the request and blackmailing of Lester Crest, Niko decides LS isn't that bad, and rents out an apartment in Hawick.

The apartment's interior mirrors that of the Midrange Apartment interior used in GTA Online, remaining unchanged. The actual location of the apartment, as well as the apartment itself, is used by Denis Cravic during the events of The Libertonian in Season 1. It is unknown if this is merely a coincidence, or an intentional easter egg created by the creators.

The interior of the apartment is mostly compact. The entryway features numerous movie posters, hinting at the fact that Denis may be a movie fanatic. As much of the furniture is left untouched after the First Raid, Niko isn't required to purchase new furniture. It is unknown, however, what happened to the dead Spark soldier after Denis left.

The apartment features one bedroom, one bathroom, and a relatively spacious living room. Immediately next to the living room is a rather small kitchen, with typical black and white tiling commonly used.

The garage is accessible from a set of stairs inside the entryway of the apartment. The garage is capable of storing six personal vehicles, however Niko rarely uses the garage, parking his Esperanto outside in the driveway. The garage's default radio station is eHeroFM, Gary Mitnick's own radio station.