Seventh-Clan Universe (also known as Libertonian Universe in its original creation) is an alternate canonical universe for the Grand Theft Auto series.

The Seventh-Clan Universe was introduced in 2016 with the release of Episode 0 of The Libertonian, and is named after the creators. Every story written by theNGclan falls within the boundaries of this universe.

Each story that exists within the universe is connected in some way, and many of the story's characters, conflicts, and events that occur are all related and referenced within the universe.

Story Elements & Themes

The Seventh-Clan Universe's stories share many common themes and similarities within their worlds. The Libertonian emphasizes financial power and self-greed, San Andreas Connection focuses on the "Hacker Culture".

Stories in Seventh-Clan Universe

  • Liberty Incorporated (Movie) - Three criminals are brought together by their love for money, only to learn that they cannot trust anybody, especially each other.
  • San Andreas Connection - Niko Bellic is blackmailed by Lester Crest into performing various tasks for his own personal gain, in return for Niko's safety from the government.