The Lost MC are a Motorcycle Club primarily operating in Southern San Andreas, specifically Stab City, Blaine County.


The Lost MC are a Motorcycle Club, primarily operating in Southern San Andreas. Its Southern San Andreas Chapter leader is Johnny Klebitz, who Niko Bellic performs various jobs for in San Andreas Connection.

The Lost MC originated in Alderney, with its 2008 Chapter President being Billy Grey. After leaving prison and rehabilitation, he, along with Johnny Klebitz as Vice President, were in high stakes against the Angels of Death MC, a rival MC operating in Alderney as well. This was brought to an end when Johnny kills Billy after being imprisoned yet another time, and Johnny becomes President of the Alderney Chapter.

Sometime prior to 2013, The Lost expand their operations to places across the US, mainly throughout the mid-west. They also start a chapter in Southern San Andreas, which is where they are seen in San Andreas Connection. It is run by Johnny Klebitz, who moved with the rest of The Lost.

In 2013, they mainly act as rivals to Trevor Philips Industries, an organization which engages in similar criminal activities and services, ranging from arms trafficking, to drug production, and rival ousting. Johnny has a long lasting feud with Trevor Philips, the organization's CEO.