The News Heist (Stealth)
  1. Go to Lester's Sweatshop
  2. Leave the area
  3. Go to the Weazel News Building
  4. Enter the building
  5. Provide your security clearance
  6. Head to the broadcasting room
  7. Plug in the flash drive
  8. Run autorun.bat
  9. Deal with the security
  10. Leave the building before the cops arrive
Take:$55,000 (post heist, see next mission)
Unlocked after:Hello world! + Heist setup missions
Unlocks:Tax Deduction
The News Heist (Stealth) is one of two possible finales for The News Heist in San Andreas Connection.


Niko receives a call from Gary. "Alright, Slav, we're ready to move on this thing. I'm getting the supp-"

Gary suddenly drops his phone, while a loud thud can be heard.

"Hello? Gary, are you there? Do you need help?" says Niko.

After several seconds of muffled shuffling, the phone is picked up.

"I hope you two know what you're doing, you ignorant fucks!" says Lester, angrily. "Breaking into a news station? Hijacking a broadcast signal operating in the entirety of Los Santos County? Possibly reaching into Blaine, Paleto and beyond? Who's idea was this?"

Niko responds, "Shit Lest, you alright? I mean, we thought you were cool with this, totally transparent, am I right?"

"Since you two lost half of your brain cells when you were dropped on as a kid, it seems I'm of no use to you. I can't BELIEVE you would go to these fucking lengths. Hijacking Weazel New-"

The phone is dropped again, with a much louder thud audible.

"Hello? Shit, what the fuck is going on?"

"Lester, calm the fuck down!" Gary says, slightly muffled.

"........want me to calm down? Are you fucking deranged? Weazel News? We'll be put on the spotlight for years! It''s fucking GENIUS!" Lester laughs heartily.

"Can we just fucking get a move on already and do this shit? I'm fucking tired of waiting around." says Niko, his tone gradually raising.

The phone is picked up. "Okay okay, we'll do this. Sorry about Lester, I think he's drunk on moonshine again, heh." Gary sighs.

"That's alright, but please, can we do this already? For fuck's sake." Niko rubs his forehead.

"Alright, alright, we'll do it, seriously. Just come down to the sweatshop and we'll explain this first. Then, it's go time."

Gary and Niko hang up.

Niko arrives at the sweatshop. Lester is seen on the floor, wheezing. "I knew he was pretty bad...but damn," Niko thinks to himself.

"Yeah, he's been pretty bad health-wise lately. I mean, I knew he had a disease, wasting or something. But it seems to be worse now... or maybe it's the moonshine, you fucking Greg Leonard sympathizer!" "Open-source, source....." says Lester.

Niko walks over Lester carefully, and follows Gary into the office. "Alright, here's the plan," as Gary points to the planning board.

"Since we're doing this the stealthy way, you'll use your ID to get in, as well as your outfit. You'll be entering through the front door, starting your typical temp-hours shift sometime in the afternoon. If you want to be slightly adventurous, you could sneak in and make it just before lunch break, and try to blend in, but hey, that's too complicated."

"Nothing's too complicated, Gary," says Niko, sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, you walk in through the front door. The computer you stole will be powerful enough to brute force our way in - like a couple of sinners in secret," Gary chuckles.

"What's next?" Niko replies.

"Well, you walk around, try to blend in, and make your way to the super computer in the broadcasting room. Since you have security clearance, you could pass it off as performing "routine repairs". Anyway, you go in, and you bring the flash drive with the proper software that we carefully and painfully extracted from the NAS."

"I heard that!" Lester says, faintly in the background.

"So, you plug the flash drive into the broadcasting computer. It has lots of ports, but any of them will work. But if you can, try to plug it into a red port for best speeds."


"Load the autorun.bat from said flash drive onto the computer. After that, signal me when it's active. The autorun is just extracting the video files for you, and injecting them onto the broadcasting server. These video files will then be sent to the headend, which in turn broadcasts the program."

Niko crosses his arms. " that's it? What then? Do we blow up or something?"

Gary extends his hand. "Nope, not there yet. Did I mention it or? Oh, yes, you'll have to lock the door behind you when you're injecting the video files. Don't want any uh, unexpected trouble. Since you won't be carrying any heat for the stealth side of things, you'll need to be extra careful, okay Slav?"

"Alright, sounds good but uh, no guns? Seriously?" Niko shakes his head.

"Yes, seriously, you can't be seen with a gun this time. Otherwise, cover is blown. Everything you'll need is in this handy-dandy backpack. Do you get it now?" Gary says, somewhat seriously while handing the backpack to Niko.

"Yes, I get it. What about my payment?" says Niko.

"Funny, I was just about to bring that up. Lester has been trying to convince me to pay you next to nothing, but considering you're useful to me and will likely continue to be, I'll give you 50k for this." Gary replies, picking at the skin on the back of his hand.

"60k is a bit more fair. Who else could pull this off? Come on." Niko spits back.

"Slav, I'm trying to be nice. I don't have to pay you for this, but I like you and I feel you deserve some payment, so take it or leave it. Actually, tell you what, I'll boost it to 55k. That's my final offer." Gary replies with a stern voice.

"Alright, fair enough. Is that it?" Niko asks.

"Yes, that's it. Now let's do this thing. Well, you do this thing. I'll be staying behind. I'd come with you but....Mr. Crest here needs some help, so I'll stay this time."

Niko walks out of the building and heads to the Weazel News building.

At the Weazel News building

Niko walks up to the front door and acts casual. He inserts the ID card into a scanner and registers that he is currently working. Occasionally looking at his phone, trying to blend in with the other people inside. Niko walks through the building till he reaches the Broadcasting room. A guard stops Niko before he enters.

"Hey, you, I don't know you. What you doin' here?" The guard asks.

"Ehhh... I'm a new guy, I work IT, you know? Someone was reporting a malfunction." Niko says as he hands the guard his ID card.

"Mmmm... alright. You're clear." The guard replies, opening the door for Niko.


Niko entering the control room.

Niko walks over to the computer and looks around for red ports. He finds one on the side of the tower and quickly takes off his backpack. Digging through dead wires and various tiny computer pieces, Niko locates the USB and plugs it into the red port. The Operating System displays a notification saying that a USB is plugged in.

"Okay, so... My Computer.... E: Drive... Cool shit... okay double click autorun... done" Niko says to himself as he navigates the software. He reaches for his phone and dials Gary's number.

"So yeah, the software is fixed sir. Anything else I should know?" Niko asks, trying to stay in character in case anyone is listening.

"Okay I see the the signal going through. I'm switching to the Weazel CTV cameras now.... Looks like you've got an all clear... no wait, no no. Alright, change of plans, some guards are coming your way. Looks like some fuckin' script kiddie noticed something weird with the broadcast. Get your ass out of there!" Gary says before hanging up immediately.

Niko goes to the nearest window and raises it. He jumps out only to land in a pile of trash.

"Well, that went well. I didn't get shot." Niko mumbles to himself as he wipes from trash off of him. He walks off and calls Gary once more.

"I saw the escape. Clever, one would think you've done this sorta shit before." Gary jokingly says to Niko, typing away at his keyboard. "I'm getting the money together right now. Expect a virtual check coming your way. It'll be redeemable at Pacific Standard."

"So is that it? Am I out now?" Niko ask bitterly, looking around.

"Oh no no no, fuck no. Lester isn't done with you yet, and I've got some shit I need taken care of. I'll be in touch. See you soon." Gary replies, shortly before ending the call.

Niko wipes the sweat off his forehead and walks away from the Weazel News Building.