Heist setup
The News Heist - Brute Force
  • Go to Ground & Pound Cafe.
  • Find the computer.
  • Wait for Gary's reply.
  • Look for the person wearing glasses.
  • Choose how to engage the situation.
  • Leave the area.
  • Go to Lester's Sweatshop.
Unlocked after:Hello world! + Heist-style choice
The News Heist - Brute Force is the third heist setup for the Execution A - Loud method for The News Heist in San Andreas Connection.


Niko must acquire hardware that is powerful enough to break into the Weazel News Building's security system and temporarily disable the security cameras.


Niko receives a call from Gary. "Alright, there's something else on the table for you," says Gary.

"Cool, what's the job?" Niko replies.

"Alright, if we want to get past the security cameras, we'll need a computer powerful enough to break in. Unfortunately, I had to sell off all of my equipment, so my PC isn't even powerful enough to mine a single eCoin, let alone run a brute force against Weazel News's incredibly advanced security system. Sometimes I wonder if we should hire someone with enough headroom to maximize our chances."

"Alright, just give me the location and I'll make it happen."

"Good, you seem more eager this time. Optimism is a good thing sometimes, am I right? Anyway, I don't have its exact coordinates, but I do know that it's at a local coffee joint - Ground & Pound Cafe. Gotta love public WiFi."

Gary and Niko hang up.

Niko drives to the brewery and enters. " I'm looking for a computer."

Niko looks around the room and notices dozens of laptops and desktops. "Well, this shit isn't helping," Niko thinks to himself. Frustrated already, Niko texts Gary. "There's dozens of computers in here, you sure you have the right one?"

"sorry about That. I do know that the person who owns the computer is wearing glasses, maybe that'd narrow it down ?"

Niko looks around the room and eventually finds someone wearing glasses with a desktop computer on the table.

At this point, Niko is faced with several choices:

  • Wait for the person to leave the table to go to the restroom
  • Use force to retrieve the computer


Niko will wait for the PC's owner to leave the table. Several minutes will pass, and they will leave to go to the restroom. Quickly, Niko takes the PC and runs out of the brewery, and leaves the area.


Niko will attempt to force the computer out of the owner's possession.

"You! I need your computer. Give it up or I will finish you off." Niko says, pointing a gun at the owner.

The owner raises his hands, as does everyone else in the brewery. A barista spills coffee on her apron during the ordeal. The owner allows Niko to take the machine and exit the store peacefully, thus allowing the player to leave the area.

Regardless, Niko arrives at Lester's sweatshop with the hardware intact, and places it on the floor in the office, thus ending the mission.