The Yacht Raid
For:Lester Crest
Location:Dignity Yacht, Shore of Vespucci
Target:Steal $4,000,000 worth of Heroin
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests
The Yacht Raid is the second heist in San Andreas Connection.


Alex, Gary, Lester, and Niko collaborate in an effort to acquire $4,000,000 worth of Heroin from a Korean crime family.

Execution A - Loud

  1. The Yacht Raid - Weaponized - Acquire some Special Carbine rifles from a third-party so as to not have the serial numbers traced back to the crew.
  2. The Yacht Raid - Seasparrow - Acquire a helicopter from Sandy Shores Airfield, guarded by several members of the Vagos.
  3. The Yacht Raid - Secondhand Attire - Purchase some specialized clothing for the finale.
  4. The Yacht Raid - Loud - Raid the yacht owned by the Korean crime family and steal the heroin.

Execution B - Quiet

  1. The Yacht Raid - Offensive Tools - Acquire some weapons and suppressors to use for the job. Close range weaponry is advised. Scratch off serial numbers in case the job goes sour.
  2. The Yacht Raid - Boat Theft - Source a fast boat for the job. Will be repainted black to keep it stealthy.
  3. The Yacht Raid - Wet Suits - Purchase some water-friendly attire for the job.
  4. The Yacht Raid - Quiet - Sneak onto the yacht, steal the heroin and get away without making a scene.