Heist setup
The Yacht Raid - Boat Theft
  • Go to the boat's location.
  • Kill the guard.
  • Go to Gary's location.
  • Take out the buzzard.
  • Go to Gary's location.
Unlocked after:N/A / Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Weapons for the heist
The Yacht Raid - Boat Theft is the second heist setup for the Execution B - Quiet method for The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


The Yacht Raid - Boat Theft has Niko steal a boat belonging to Securoserv. The boat will be used to get onto the yacht.


"Securoserv has a boat off the coast near Fort Zancudo. They're awaiting some CEO who's going to be stealing some cargo out in the ocean. I've marked it on your GPS. Steal the boat, bring it to my location (also on your GPS, fascinating, isn't it?) and we'll use it for the thing."
―Gary Mitnick via Text Message
Niko heads to the position of the boat owned by Securoserv. He takes out the guard that attempts to stop him from stealing the boat. Niko grabs the SMG used by the guard and takes the boat, immediately, a blue buzzard follows Niko's tail.

"An attack helicopter? Really? You must be that fancy CEO!" Niko yells. The player is instructed to shoot down the helicopter. Once helicopter is taken down, Niko proceeds to Gary's location.


"Run into any problems?" Gary asks Niko as he writes on a clipboard.

"Yeah. An attack helicopter chased on my way, not a problem now though." Niko replies. He climbs up the ladder and leaves the area.


  • The attack helicopter that pursues Niko is actually controlled by randomized GTA Online characters, poking fun at the CEO Organization system from GTA Online.