The Yacht Raid (Loud)
  1. Go to Lester's Sweatshop
  2. Leave the area
  3. Get in the helicopter
  4. Kill everyone
  5. Check the yacht for the heroin
  6. Go to the beach
  7. Kill everyone
  8. Go to Lester's Sweatshop
  9. Leave the area
Unlocked after:Conflicting Interests + Heist setup missions
The Yacht Raid - Loud is the Loud approach of The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


"It's on. Come to the usual place."
―Lester Crest via Text Message

"Looks like this is it... I should get going." Niko thinks to himself.


Niko arrives at the garment factory, and sees Alan leave the building, noticeably angry. "Uh oh, he doesn't seem too happy. I should lay low." Niko thinks to himself.

After waiting out Alan to leave the area, Niko gets out of his car and enters, being greeted by Lester and Gary.

"Hey, we're glad you came on short notice - not that we're in a rush or anything." says Lester.

"Who says we're never in a rush? No one's in a rush for anything. No, we're all totally and completely calm right now. It's not like we're moving fast." says Gary, sarcastically.

"Are we in a rush? Maybe you guys have been drinking too much coffee," Niko says, chuckling.

"Nah, we haven't had any, not that much anyway - that egotistical dickwad CEO won't even give us our caffeinated upgrade. We can barely function with out it, that twisted prick will see his end, I know i-"

"Get a grip with yourself, Gary. No one's in a rush, and he assured me that we would get the coffee equipment delivered once things cooled down. We'll get these things eventually, have some patience." says Lester, shaken, but attempting to remain calm.

"Ah? So you're going to kiss ass with the corporate drone then, heh? Have you gone batty?"

"Both of you have gone batty. Now let's stop wasting our damn time and get on with the heist. Where's Alex?" says Niko, suppressing his anger, but somewhat failing.

"He's on his way. Got caught up in work. He says it's a classified project, "Cabal" or something, I don't pay much attention." says Lester.

"That's good to know you don't pay much attention, we really need someone who can hold this operation afloat with dignity and pride - you seem to check all of those boxes." says Gary.

"I'm not going to start this again. We're on the job now, we'll argue later. Now please, for the last father-fucking time, can we get on with this?" Lester turns and walks hurriedly to the office.

"Gladly. You two never seem to get a break." says Niko, crossing his arms, walking to the office.

Gary sighs, and follows Niko in.

"Alright - so here's the plan. You and Gary are going to arrive at the yacht via helicopter - Niko will fly us in initially, and then we'll have our alternate guy stand in while you guys are on the dec-"

"We're having an alternate guy? When did the plan call for this? Are you sure we can trust him?" says Niko.

"Don't worry, I made all of the necessary precautions and dealings with Mr. Vogil. He's allowed us to take one of his best pilots out of his company to help us with this."

"I've got a bad feeling about this, but you know what, the hell with it - I'll play along with your plan." says Gary.

"Good, so you're starting to see reason - I was starting to worry you'd throw a tantrum over the cookie jar again. Anyway, once you two are in, you have to act quickly, and with force, since this Korean crew doesn't play around. While they may seem dumb, in actuality they're just really good at shooting guns, so be careful when inside. You two are gonna split up and search for the heroin, and when you do, pack it up in the duffel bags supplied."

"We supplied duffel bags? I don't remember that part either." says Niko.

"It was a last-minute effort, but don't worry, they'll work."

"So, when you've found all of the heroin, you need to get out, again, the pilot will hover above during the time you're aboard. When everything's said and done, they'll pick you up, and you get the hell out of that place. Sounds easy enough, because it is."

"I hope you're right about that..." says Gary, pointing at the planning board.

"Any questions?" says Lester, adjusting his shirt collar.

"Yes - how do you expect me to handle a gun? I haven't shot anyone in years, let alone handled a rifle."

"So you didn't follow my orders to hit the shooting range? I told you this was important, Gary, you should've listened."

"I did hit the range this week actually - the problem was it wasn't a rifle, I shot a pistol. This isn't going to work...."

"Fuck off with this crap. We'll make it work, just take cover, and don't get shot." says Niko, crossing his arms.

"If you say so... I still think this isn't going to work."

"Niko's right. We'll just have to make do with what we've got. You really need to take my words more seriously next time, Gary." says Lester.

"Oh, I think Alex has just arrived..." Lester walks out of the office.

"Alright, I made it just in time it looks like. Mr. Bellic, Mr. Mitnick, Mr. Crest, let's do this."

"What's he going to do? Just sit around and "talk bidness"?" says Gary.

"He's going to oversee the operation from here. I mean, this is one of his best pilots we're talking about - we need to cover all the bases."

"Alright, whatever you say. Should we get ready now?"

"Yes, get ready now. Change into the clothes Niko got, and we're nearly a go." says Lester.

Heist Preparation

Niko and Gary walk into separate rooms to change.

"We look hideous." says Niko and Gary, simultaneously.


"Yes, you two do look hideous," Lester laughs.

"They don't exactly look professional...but hey, if it masks their identity, it's fine." says Alex.

"Whatever, let's just get this done." says Niko, adjusting his stance.

"Okay, head over to my warehouse off the freeway, that's where the helicopter is along with the pilot."

Niko and Gary exit the building.

"So how do you feel about this, Gary?" says Niko, as the two enter the car.

"Well, what do you mean? It's another score. We get paid. I don't see a problem with that?"

"I mean, about Lester and that Alex dude. It seems kinda fishy, don't you think?"

"Well, maybe - but that's not what we're concerned about now."

The two drive off.

"I don't know... maybe it's my over-protectiveness from the war. But he's got a weird vibe, no?" says Niko.

"Yeah, that guy's always been weird. Still, where's this coming from, Slav? We got work to do."

"I'm saying... this guy seems like bad news."

"I guess you're right... he has been acting weird lately. Especially with that Alan guy or whoever Lester talks to on a regular basis. Sometimes, those three scare the hell out of me."

"Likewise. But yeah, work."

The Heist

The two arrive at Del Perro.

"Lest, can you hear us?" says Gary, adjusting his headset frequency.

"Yes, yes, I can hear you. Is Niko with you?" says Lester.

"No, he went to somewhere else, but he should be back soon."

"Very funny, prick eating monkey fuck. Now let's get this job done, and then we can joke around later." says Lester.

Niko and Gary walk up to the seasharks off the coast.

"Hey - if I don't see you after this job, tell Lester he should've installed that coffee setup sooner." says Gary, speeding off. Niko follows.

"Okay - be careful, since they'll kinda be expecting you... I mean, we are going the loud way after all." says Lester over the headset.

"Yeah, yeah, we knew this going in. Let's just hopefully not die..." says Niko.

"Yeah - dying would be a terrible thing to happen, right Lester? We wouldn't want to DIE.... Definitely not. Noooo, bad business, really scary stuff." says Gary, sarcastically and smugly.

"Okay guys - the sarcasm was funny at first, but you two need to knock this off now, get this score done. Really. Do you want me to broadcast your Redtooth signal again?"

"Hey, that's not funny... I only do that in my spare time," says Gary.

"Okay, now you two need to knock it off. We have a job to do, not talk shit and joke like it's some cool chill place. Come on." says Niko, frustrated.

Niko and Gary arrive at the Yacht. The Korean crew notices them immediately, and begin firing.

"They are here!" cries out one of the Korean gang members.

"Shit, they know we're here now!" says Niko.

"Come on!" says Gary, disengaging the safety lock on his Special Carbine.

Niko and Gary take out the first wave of guards and proceed into the boiler room. "Stay close G, they could come out from anywhere of these places."

"Good grammar. Let's just not die."

More guards come from the other room. "Get them! Get them! Get the putang ina mo!"

"That doesn't sound Korean..." says Gary.

"Who cares, let's keep clearing them out!"

Niko and Gary clear out the 2nd wave from the next boiler room.

"Agh, fuck, do you see any of the stuff here N?"

"Here - you didn't look carefully enough, G."

"Good call - there should be more upstairs."


Niko and Gary leave the boiler room, but more gang members infiltrate the room. "Putang ina mo! Putang ina mo! Putang ina mo!" chants the gang members.


"Was L's intel right? These guys clearly aren't Korean."

"Fuck the intel, we're here for your drugs!" yells out Niko.

Niko and Gary manage to dispatch the 3rd wave of guards. "Let's hurry before they cluster up again." says Gary.

The two climb up the stairs to the stern of the yacht. "Keep looking, N, there should be plenty of stuff for all of us to enjoy."

"Well I'm not seeing any!" says Niko, visibly agitated. "Where do they keep the stuff?!"

"L didn't say... maybe this intel isn't so hot after all." says Gary.

"Shit.... Hey, L, do you have any pointers for the stuff?" says Niko.

"Hello, L here...what stuff are you talking about?" says Lester.

"The stuff! The drugs!" says Gary.

"Oh - funny you asked. I'm picking up some activity near the lifeguard tower's station - turns out they've moved the stuff out already. You need to get back to shore and stop them before they get the drugs out of the city. GO!"

Gary and Niko turn their heads to each other, and make a run for the seasharks.

Chasing The Drugs

"I knew this score was too good to be true!" says Gary.

"Relax, let's just get to shore and get these damn drugs back!"


Niko and Gary race to the coast and get into the getaway car, still parked. "Come on, we gotta go, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck..."

Niko starts the car successfully, and the two drive off.

"Where the hell are these guys, Lest? Don't tell us we lost them already." says Niko.

"You two aren't too late - they're near the Vespucci Canals... I'm guessing they're offloading them into another vehicle. Get over there as quick as you can, these GPS signals aren't reading accurately right now."

Niko and Gary continue to the waypoint.

"Remind me to never trust Lester's planning ever again... this whole score is going to hell." says Gary.

"I know, G, but let's just concentrate on getting the stuff back first."

Niko and Gary eventually catch up to the stragglers carrying the shipment, kill them, and begin loading it into their getaway car.

"Whew... we made it. Great driving, Slav." says Gary, relieved.

"Maybe the planning wasn't that bad after all," Niko chuckles, nervously.

"You two do realize I can still hear you on this frequency, right?" says Lester, abruptly.

"Hey, we were just having a little fun, since we almost got shot and lost the product, so we're a bit stressed out from this." says Gary.

"Relax, relax, we gotta take the shipment to the warehouse now - bicker later." Niko closes the car door and drives off with Gary and the shipment loaded in the trunk.

The pair arrive at the warehouse, greeted by a few of Lester's workers from the garment factory. Lester pulls up in his car and exits, walking towards Niko and Gary.

"Do they know? Do they...-"

"It's just another shipment of sewing needles, Gary." Lester smiles, assuredly.

"Well that was a lot of work we had to put in just for sewing needles. Do they even get pensions?" Niko retorts, sarcastically.

Lester circles Niko. "Pensions? In Los Santos? No, no no, you've got it all wrong. Nobody gets pensions here, no, they either uh - work minimum wage, or "leech off the guvment", haha."

"Does that make us the third option, Lest?" says Gary, crossing his arms.

Lester quickly turns to face Gary, and waits a few seconds to reply. "You know... I was gonna ask you two." Lester puts on a concerned look.

Niko and Gary look towards each other, and back at Lester.

"So?" the pair say.

"See, it doesn't add up. Mmhmm."

"What doesn't add up?" says Niko.

"Yeah, what is it?" Gary says.

Lester paces for a few seconds.

"The fact that you two didn't get shot." Lester puts on a blank, emotionless stare.

The three of them don't respond.

Niko and Gary turn to face each other again, and back at Lester. Gary gets paranoid, and starts looking in every direction.

Lester continues to stare.

"Eh-anyway, I'll wire both of you your cut very soon, okay? I need to sell the 'needles' to my buyer, and we'll split the profits. Good work gentlemen." Lester hurriedly walks back to his car and leaves the area.

"What was that all about?" says Niko.

"I don't know Slav, and really this time."

"Do you always get it this wrong?"


Niko and Gary split up and leave the area.