Heist setup
The Yacht Raid - Wet Suits
  • Go to Vespucci Beach
  • Steal the wet suits
  • Lose the cops
  • Deliver the suits to the hideout
Unlocked after:N/A / Heist-style choice
Unlocks:Wet Suits for the heist
The Yacht Raid - Offensive Tools is the second heist setup for the Execution B - Quiet method for The Yacht Raid in San Andreas Connection.


The Yacht Raid - Wet Suits has Niko locate and deliver wet suits from Vespucci Beach.


Niko receives a call from Gary, through a group call.

"Hey NB, I think I've got an idea for the wet suits." Says Gary.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Niko asks.

"I was checking the cameras around the city, trying to see if anyone was buying or moving wet suits. Turns out some people are gonna use them at Vespucci. Go figure." Gary replies.

"So what, you want me to go take them from some people that have nothing to do with our operation?" Niko replies jokingly.

"Yup. You know the deal." Gary says, thus ending the call.

The player is instructed to head to Vespucci Beach and locate the people loading wet suits in a shop. The player must take out a guard however they choose, steal the wet suits, lose the cops and deliver the wet suits.