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Undead Nightmare
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Release date-TBA-
ProtagonistsNiko Bellic
Undead Nightmare is an expansion for San Andreas Connection.


Undead Nightmare is a non-canon expansion for San Andreas Connection. San Andreas is devastated by a zombie apocalypse, code-named "Z-731" by Spark Incorporated.

While attempting to adapt the Grand Theft Auto experience to a zombie-theme, Undead Nightmare also adds a new inventory and crafting system. Niko can store supplies for later use, and even craft new items such as aid and weapons. Additional inventory space can be unlocked with certain clothing pieces. To make the experience easier from the beginning, all of Niko's stats are maxed out.

The expansion begins immediately after the ending of San Andreas Connection, although it is non-canon and is considered a separate alternate universe. In this universe, Southern San Andreas is in a state of emergency due to an lethal bio-weapon released into the food supply of Paleto Bay.

The map is flooded with zombies, and the Southern San Andreas power grid is hit by a blackout in the cusp of the apocalypse. This will prove a great challenge, and the player may have to rely on a flashlight - although there is a duct tape mod to counteract this annoyance.

Niko is personally chosen by Alex to take on the apocalypse, providing him with the vaccine necessary to evade zombification. With nothing left to lose, except his cousin Roman, Niko is the sole voice of reason against the horde of undead.


In the 1980s some doctors in Chile, South America created a pathogen that could replicate dead cells and make them live again, essentially cloning the required cells to make a creature live after death - although only working in small doses, such as repairing wounds on the body. Scientists saw an incredible opportunity and hoped to use it to replicate dead tissue of animal to prevent further slaughter in the food industry and to repair the damaged tissue of soldiers.

Eventually in 1991, the IAA catches wind of the experiments being performed with the pathogen and confiscates the samples for their own purposes. The samples were modified and soon became a lethal virus. Instead of having to be manually inserted into cells, the virus could overwhelm existing cells and take control of them. Fluids such as blood were susceptible to infect. Injection became lethal in some cases.

In 2006, the IAA would cease the development and production of the samples obtained from the Chilean laboratory, and sold them off to Spark Incorporated, who promised would "maintain full research on the project". This led to the eventual creation of Z-131, and the events of Undead Nightmare taking place.

In July 2014, some locals in Paleto County started becoming sick, with all reports claiming it occurred after eating products manufactured by Cluckin' Bell, which owns a factory in Paleto Bay. This led to dozens of attempts at launching a lawsuit against Cluckin' Bell, but all failed, with Cluckin' Bell's defense team claiming otherwise, and the jury was forced to withdraw the appeal, part of the Paleto County Jurisdiction.

Eventually, more people became ill to this sudden outbreak, and symptoms were far more serious. This prompted immediate action by the governor of San Andreas, and issued a "State of Emergency" for Paleto Bay as well as Paleto County. Instead of sending help and aid as soon as possible, the governor instead resorted to closing off Paleto County, and sealing it away from anyone trying to enter or escape.

But it wasn't enough. As the days went on, reports started to appear in other regions of San Andreas, such as Los Santos County. Red County was not affected, but rumors struck that it could have reached there. The governor eventually declares the entirety of San Andreas in a "State of Emergency" and attempts to gain the support from Congress - with the attempt failing. With very little funding left after the recent War on Crime due to the recent influx of heists around the state, San Andreas falls into catastrophe, with all of its major cities disjointed and segregated. A blackout occurs in Southern San Andreas, affecting Paleto, Blaine, and Los Santos counties for several weeks.

The illness eventually kills a massive portion of the the population in Southern San Andreas. The US Government issues Sanitary Andreas to clean up the corpses around the state. Many days passed and the number of deaths were rising. With no other options, the US Government issues medical examinations for all citizens of Los Santos and Blaine County - but people were still dying rapidly.

Some time later, there were reports of the dead rising from their graves and attempting to bite humans. The US Government would immediately focus on cleaning out the new zombie threat. Spark Incorporated is eventually under FIB investigation, accusing the organization of releasing the zombie virus onto the population. But by the time the FIB would attempt to locate Alex Vogil, the owner of Spark Incorporated, the zombie virus had already consumed Southern San Andreas. Most people were believed to be dead.

An unknown source would carefully provide false evidence to Weazel News, claiming the Niko Bellic (who is currently residing in a survivor safehouse) is responsible for the outbreak. Still uneasy due to Alex injecting him with an unknown fluid, Niko is lead to believe that Alex is behind the outbreak. Through a series of a dozen or so missions, Niko confronts Alex. Alex confirms that he knew the zombie apocalypse was inevitable but he didn't necessarily know when, and he had nothing to do with the current outbreak so he injected Niko with an experimental cure for the virus. Eventually Alex would be shot in the head after proclaiming his innocence by Gordon Evans - revealing that Gordon is the mastermind behind the outbreak. Gordon immediately knocked out Niko, bringing him to the Maze Bank Arena.

Niko woke up hours later in the Maze Bank Arena, dangling from a chain above a giant horde of zombies. He looks up at the platform only to notice Gordon talking on the phone. Niko manages to untie himself from the chain and climb to the top and confront Gordon. After a lengthy fist fight, Niko tosses Gordon off of the ledge into a horde of Zombies. Gary saves the footage to an external drive and then emails copies of the security footage to various news sources around the world to prove that Niko is innocent.

Many days would pass before the military arrived, only to slaughter everyone but Niko and a few other survivors. News agencies hopped on the information quick, sending rescue choppers for any survivors. Niko along with other groups of survivors are rescued and Niko lives on to tell his tale.

But he complained that his belly wasn't full...


Core Gameplay

Undead Nightmare mixes up the traditional Grand Theft Auto formula in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

  • Zombies - The undead have taken over the state of San Andreas.
  • No health regen - Players must use first aid or food items to restore health.
  • Supplies system - Guns, ammo, and weapons all have to be found or crafted. Players are limited on the amount of weapons they can carry.
  • Scavenging - Players will have to scavenge the corpses of fallen survivors or zombies for potential supplies.
  • Weather conditions - Weather will now impact a player's chance for survival. Rain can make it difficult to see potential threats, alongside the standard fog that fills the streets.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode utilizes the principals above, but makes them far more challenging.

  • Time limit - Niko has seven ingame days (albeit days are longer in this mode) to prove he is innocent.
  • Zombies can run - Z-731 is able to preserve tissue better, allowing for the undead to better utilize the muscles from their host.
  • Supplies are scarce - Food items are harder to find. Crafting materials can go bad. Guns can jam / Melee weapons can be broken.. Ammunition is much harder to find.
  • Scavenging - Survivors use their supplies more, causing them to drop less supplies.
  • Weather is harsh - Spark Incorporated has forced a snow storm via their Weather Control system in hopes of freezing the zombies. This also means survivors must work through freezing temperatures and dense snow storms.