Video Games are an optional pastime in San Andreas Connection.


  • Big A$$ Rainz - Run around a 2D version of Los Santos with a crane ball attached to your back. Cause as much destruction as you can within the time limit.
  • Protect The Blip - You must protect the Blip against waves of enemies. Takes place in various locations of the map.
  • eHeroAugReality TestBuild.exe - Hidden inside an arcade cabinet, disguised as a "trippy and bizarre" rail shooter in space. Known to cause migraines and seizures.
  • Cunning Stunts: The Game - You have a set amount of time to reach a certain score. Point are earned by doing stunts.
  • Cabmageddon - Cabmageddon is the racing game where wrecking your opponents is thoroughly encouraged and mean points! Race, wreck and destroy your way to victory using your trusty cab.
  • TBD

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